Alcudia’s nightlife

Alcudia is a town and a port located in the Balearic Island of Mallorca, and more accurately, you can get to Alcudia very easily by ferry. The Island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands; Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the autonomous province which is part of Spain; Alcudia is located in the north east of the island, 40km from Palma. Perhaps it is less known than its neighbor, but it is no less interesting.

For many years, tourism in the Balearics has evolved and is no longer concentrated only in the best-known cities such as Palma and Ibiza. It is also true that, especially in the case of Ibiza, the fun in the Balearic Islands has become synonymous with high. But it need not be that way. Alcudia you can undoubtedly entertain in the various clubs or pubs and dance music in clubs or bars until dawn. But fun to Alcudia also means meeting young people from all over the world, discuss the different cultures, and in any case also relax at the beach and enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Alcudia is a perfect location for those over 30 who enjoy places full of entertainment but also relax in a lounge bar with a drink and chatting with friends.
Go it alone in Alcudia vacation is not a problem, it will be easy to make new friends, dancing in nightclubs or in music bars.


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Many of the nightclubs are located in the Port of Alcudia area; near DOLLAR STREET there are several bars where you can listen to live music, sing karaoke and even participate in various social games.
One of the most famous and important clubs is the MINT DISC, with its bars (he has less than 7) and the pool; It is located in Port Alcudia, as well as most of the locals.

The BANANA DISCO COMPLEX is not far behind with its bars and the Banana Club is a nightclub frequented mostly by young people; here are the best international DJs. In the same area there is the DISCO CLUB MAGIC and GOODFELLAS MUSIC BAR with a large selection of cocktails and drinks; continuing towards the North of Port Alcudia area we find the CAFE MILANO is a bar lounge. Even the ENJOY CAFÈ Lounge is a very popular bar for its cocktails. The BELLS DISC is located in the Bellevue area.

For those who want to listen and dance to salsa and latinodance, there are the CLUB SABOR LATINO and 5 globs where, if you want, there is also a dance teacher who can give a few lessons.
You can also listen to live music at SHAMROCK BAR which is in fact an Irish bar, as well as the IRISH TAVERN in the pedestrian area of ​​Port Alcudia.

Totally changing topic, you may decide to plunge into Hawaiian atmosphere of the BORA TAI.

For sports enthusiasts, there are the Linekers SPORTS BAR SPORTS BAR and SANDRA offering to follow the sport preferred sipping a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

Even the hotel in Alcudia they are equipped to accommodate tourists of every age, both young and old: the majority of them in fact offers live music, even to open air, meaning in the garden or terrace. About the hotels we must be said that, given the ever-increasing flow of tourists in Alcudia, which has lately become one of the most requested of the Balearic Islands, you can choose the hotel that best suits your needs and your wallet. In fact, in this sense, the choice is very wide, ranging from small very cheap hotel for the younger kids without great means to luxurious facilities that offer swimming pool and amenities.

In the evening, perhaps before going to dance, it is pleasant to taste the local food in one of the many restaurants in Alcudia. For example, in the Old City, we remember is pedestrian area, there are several restaurants to eat especially the fresh fish caught locally.
Then the fun is not just for the night: after eating, dancing and maybe even rested, why not take a ride in an amusement park such as the Hidropark? Or, if the night was so busy you have no desire to do anything, relax on the beach doing nothing but sleep it is undoubtedly the most pleasant solution: PLATJA OF ALCUDIA is 9 km long well and will not miss a quiet corner to lay down and snoozing.

Then if you still have a little energy and you want to take advantage of the holiday not only to dance but also to find out, perhaps in the company, the most interesting places, you can go a few kilometers to the Pollentia site (you can admire the ancient ruins but also turn to markets); Then, to be able to say that he saw one of the most beautiful places in the Balearic Islands, then you should definitely go to the L’Albufera Nature Reserve.


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The clean air that you breathe in this fantastic place will really help you recharge to face full of energy a new night of fun in music bars and discos!

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