The most beautiful beaches in Corsica

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The splendid and remote beaches of Corsica highlighted in this article:


It is a small beach, but with a clear blue sea and not overrun by tourists. It is located west of the most famous beach of Ile Rousse and to get there you must take the N197 choosing the exit to the sea (stopping close to Barangone). His coarse sand settles very quickly and this is also one of the reasons for the transparency of the sea. In the presence of wind become excellent for windsurfing.


Beach near Bodri and better suited for families and children, since unlike most beaches, here you can get into the sea gradually.

Santa Giulia

It is a fascinating location, especially as it appears to the eyes of those who see it for the first time: an interior lagoon formed by a large strip of white sand and the water, as the rocks here and there appear very smooth. The set gives you the idea of ​​being a small Polynesia. Santa Giulia is located in the Gulf of Santa Manza at the southern coast, in the same area of the most famous Palombaggia.


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It is the most famous beach in Corsica. The beach has fine white sand that particularly stands out against the pink (given by the granite rocks in the proximity) and against the turquoise waters, all beautifully frames a large pine forest. Ideal for a siesta during the hottest hours of the afternoon. The biggest problem is the fact that this set of features attracts the largest number of tourists, especially so in August this beach and literally overrun by vacationers. It can be reached from Porto Vecchio to the south by taking the N198 and turn left at the second exit onto the D859.


It is the wildest beach of Corsica, which makes it one of the most beautiful on the island. Located along the northwest coast, according to the renowned West “Cap Corse”. The beach is difficult to reach and can be visited only by following dirt roads in mountain bike or off the road. On the other hand, in the end we will find beautiful white sand that stretch out towards the sea in which the man never seems to be past before.

La Tonnara

Not far from Bonifacio, this is the beach favoured by surfers and sea sports experts, because the wind never stops blowing. In addition to the simple sea, there are also a number of restaurants and picnic areas. It is connected directly to Bonifacio along the “path of the beaches”, 8 km walk through cliffs and Mediterranean.

corsica3Photo CC-BY by Marie

La Girolata

It is the natural reserve beach of shingle and can be reached along a trail that starts from the Col de la Croix and is immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation. This beach has a beauty in some ways disturbing, due to the particular landscape that is dark sand and red rocks are the spectacle offered by this beach of volcanic origin.

How to reach Corsica? Well try this link for ferries and ships connections:

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