Christmas markets in Croatia

What a wonderful feeling to feel again like children, at least at Christmas time! All the colorful decorations, the lights in the Christmas trees and the sweet scent coming from the streets have the amazing power to bring us back to a time when you waited impatiently for Christmas and Santa Claus.

In Europe there are so many of these kind of Christmas markets that the choice becomes difficult, however. If you want to rediscover the meaning of the tradition, the best choice is to visit the markets of Croatia.

You may decide to go to the capital, Zagreb, but also in coastal towns like Zadar, Rijeka, Split and Umag where you can find, at Christmas time, so many opportunities to experience the magic of Christmas, not only in the markets, but also with many other opportunities and events.


Photo CC-BY-SA in Marianocecowski

To reach Croatia is simple; There is of course the plane, but there is above all the ferries that allow you to make the Adriatic crossing very easily and in a short time, from various Italian ports.

If you choose as a destination the city of Fiume (Rijeka), you will have the chance to admire the fabulous decorations of the Korzo (Corso), turning the stands and stalls in a live Christmas decorative shows! Here you will find everything that can serve to decorate the Christmas tree, and much more. Children can have fun with Santa Claus train that runs through the streets of the city; adults will appreciate, if the stay in the city coincides with that date, the Christmas concert which takes place in the Cathedral.

In Split (Split), also called the Star of Croatia, throughout the Advent season “Adventilacija“, there are festivals, concerts and folklore shows, both in the streets of the central city squares. The Christmas market is held all over the promenade and offers traditional, colorful decorations, handmade crafts of all types and typical Christmas sweets like those in gingerbread. If you can, it’s really worth, at Christmas, to follow the midnight mass in the Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem, Mount Marjam.

If you decide to go to the capital, Zagreb, you will be able to immerse yourself in a fantasy world; everything in the city, the streets of the historic center to the tree-lined streets, reminds us that we are in the most wonderful time of the year: lights, decorations, colorful installations, a real magical kaleidoscope! All this accompanied by music and concerts for all tastes, not to mention the various shows for children.

The markets are the pride of Zagreb: in fact they give their colorful animation at various points of the city located in Piazza Europa, in Ban Josip Jelačic Square e a Zrinjevac. From large halls to simple stalls, everything is perfect to tickle the imagination of visitors. The decorations for the Christmas tree and the cribs are the result of the creativity and skill of the local craftsmen, but also from around the world. You can find many other items, all absolutely fabulous, to give to loved ones as a gifts from your heart. Then there are the various food stands where, among many other specialties, can not be missed all the traditional sweets, to give as gifts, but also to taste at the time, with a hot mulled wine that warms from the bitter cold, but it also has the power to warm the hearts!

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