Happy New Year in Croatia

Croatia during New Year can satisfy everyone: it is certainly great to be able to choose one among the amazing Croatian destinations. You can decide how to kick off the new year in the best way here! If you prefer the North-West coast of Croatia, there is the city of Rijeka; again going north, but in the inner area, there is the capital Zagreb. Back on the coast, you can find the city of Umag, and then Zara, on the far South, Split.


Photo CC-BY-SA Marianocecowski

Do you want to go to the mountains and enjoy the ski resorts? In Croatia, the offer is wide; you can for example go close the capital, in the ski resort of Sljeme (Medven) where you can go skiing and snowboarding. Near the city of Rijeka is the Platak station, a small location but ready to host tourists with all the necessary equipment. Near the border with Bosnia and close to the Risnjak National Park, there is the ski area of PETEHOVAK (Delnice).

To start the year there are also relaxing spas and many hotels with spas to choose all over the Croatian territory.

If you want to celebrate New Year in the square, mingling with many other people, then the capital Zagreb is perfect; you will dance and enjoy fully music and you can admire the show put up by the fireworks.

The city of Zadar is very interesting from a cultural point of view, starting from its churches, like the Church of San Donato in Byzantine style or the St. Anastasia Cathedral built in Romanesque style. There are numerous museums and the old town is particularly impressive with its ancient walls surrounding it.


Photo CC-BY-SA 2.5 Böhringer Friedrich

The old town of Umag isalso embraced by its historic walls; you can visit the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria and the Castle once there.

If you appreciate the sea in winter and free beaches equipped with beach chairs and umbrellas, you can discover the beauty of new landscapes and enjoy the pleasure of walking in absolute peace. The Croatian coast is beautiful, from north to south, and you pass by the pine woods to the cliffs with among the many sandy beaches. Whether it’s river, Umag, Zadar or Split, each city offers beautiful coastal scenery.

Croatian islands are countless and form real archipelagos; from the largest to smallest, they are all spectacular. Among the largest are: the island of Brac and Hvar, in front of Split; the island of Cres and the island of Krk, in front of river, and the island of Pag in front of Zadar.

The natural parks are an highlight of Croatia, and if you love nature, you will certainly discover them all, perhaps as a family. One of the most famous is the National Park of the Plitvice Lakes.

Throughout Croatia accommodation facilities offer the best for celebrating the New Year’s Eve, and most of them also boast traditional cuisine dishes.

The lamb is a must in the festive menu, but also pork or beef are part of the typical Croatian dishes. In the North you will taste janjetina Peka (lamb under a baking lid); on the Dalmatian coast it is much appreciated Pasticada (beef stew). In the areas of Istria there is the Prsut which is a smoked ham with a unique taste. The traditional desserts are the sweet crepes Palacinke; a typical liquor is the Maraschino which is a distillate made from cherries.

So have a good trip and Happy New Year in Croatia! To get to Croatia by ferry click here.

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