How to celebrate New Year in Spain

How to celebrate New Year in Spain? When looking for ideas to celebrate the New Year, Spain is one of the first places that come to mind. However, the Spanish nation is very big  and the celebrations are different in each place: therefore, it is preferable to have a clear picture of the situation, so you can choose the perfect destination based upon your idea of an ideal ​​New Year celebration.

The traditions of the Spanish New Year are all different and very fascinating. One of the most famous is eating twelve grains of grapes at the stroke of midnight on December 31. The bell rings twelve strokes and those who manage to eat all twelve grains in time will have a successful year and a lot of luck: what more could one want? Also applies to tourists, do not worry.

Although this tradition is respected in every corner of Spain, in Madrid becomes much more striking, because the strokes are coming directly by the clock of the Puerta del Sol, one of the symbols of the city, home to a large crowd on the evening of December 31. So if you want to share much joy and a great party, go there and live a unique moment. Precisely for this reason, if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve in Spain, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital of this great naion and live here the first few minutes of the new year. Book a bit in advance so you can ensure the best accommodation at the lowest price.


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To all those who, instead, want to spend New Year in search of unbridled fun, the ideal destination is Barcelona, ​​Spain’s second city but not least in fame (and fortune). Also for the capital of the Costa Brava are many low cost flights that facilitate those who can only think with a low budget. For those who want to leave to go to Barcelona for the New Year in Spain, that’s all there is to know: the first thing is that, without a doubt, the fun will be assured, because in every corner of the city, as well as in clubs and discos, everyone is up to organize a festive, massive parties. Finding one that suits your tastes will be a real breeze. Cerveza, sangria and music will be the king, to give a New Year with all the trimmings. For the festivities in the square, it must be said that take place in the two main squares, Plaza Catalunya and the Plaça de Toros Monumental.


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Here the big screen is tuned to the New Year’s Puerta del Sol in Madrid. You can not certainly miss the fireworks that illuminate the beautiful capital.

For those who love fun but does not want to choose Barcelona as a destination of their New Year in Spain we want to stay still on the Costa Brava, as this is the hub of the Spanish nightlife. Lloret de Mar, for example, is a great alternative if you are looking for fun at lower costs than those that offers Barcelona. Here discos and clubs organize parties nothing short of unforgettable features for all those who want to have fun and celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one.

These are just some ideas to spend New Year Spanish: all the Spain’s cities, from Seville to Girona, from Valencia to Barcelona via Madrid and other cities, even though with much smaller events,. All  will offer the opportunity to spend a special day, as every Spanish town is dedicated to preserve the traditions but also to spread the fun. The best advice to give in these cases is to be able to book with a little in advance in order to be able to join in the fun and also save money as much as possible.

Booking  on time means being able to find all the best rates especially as regards hotels and accommodations. Moreover, although last minute offers, packages containing sometimes complete deals, and are always quite convenient, it is best to avoid the risk of not finding anything.

We want to remind you also that Spain is very easily accessible by ferries (check here for further info) and, in this case, the booking in advance is a must if you do not want to risk of ruin the holiday (this also applies to other transports such as airplanes or buses).

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