Malaga – tips and trivia for your great trip

Did you know that there are lots of museums in Malaga? And that the last name Picasso comes from Liguria?
If your answer is “no”, you will find here in this article all the information to satisfy your own wildest questions! We can start by some useful and general information: MALAGA is located in the South of Spain, exactly in the Andalusia Region; it is an important tourist port on the Mediterranean Sea and it can also be reached by ferry.

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Malaga obviously boasts many attractions as indeed all the cities of the Spanish coast:show off  their beautiful beaches, but also many monuments and historic buildings, which are all evidence of the past and of the cultures that have enriched this city.
But what does  Malaga offer to travelers?  The large number of museums in the city is indeed one of the greatest fascination: its art museums can be historical or very recently born, some even just in 2015!
This example show that Malaga is certainly worth visiting.
The first-ever museum created here, that we should not be missed, it is without any doubt the PICASSO MUSEUM located in the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista. The artist’s heirs donated a large number of works from their private collection to the museum to allow everyone to enjoy them. In the heart of the old city you will find the PICASSO FOUNDATION, located in the artist’s birthplace. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was born in Malaga on 25 October 1881. His father, José Ruiz y Blasco was a painter and drawing teacher. The surname Picasso was rather that of the maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Picasso, a native Italian in the Province of Genoa, who had moved to Spain.

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Pablo Picasso lived his childhood in Malaga, before going to Barcelona. His father immediately understood his talent and gave him the tools to cultivate it.
In the various rooms of the Foundation you can admire his first sketches but also the result of the various techniques used by the young Picasso – like the engravings. There are many family heirlooms and photographs, then there is also the artist’s self-portrait.
Another great museum of Malaga  is the Centre Pompidou MALAGA. Fantastic also the RUSSIAN MUSEUM OF SAINT PETERSBURG, both inaugurated in 2015.
The Centre Pompidou MALAGA displays a choice of many works from the Centre Pompidou in Paris; this exhibition changes every two years; there are permanent collections of artists such as De Chirico, Magritte, Chagall, Giacometti, Miro and Picasso.
The RUSSIAN MUSEUM OF ST. PETERSBURG, located in the old tobacco factory, shows works of the XV y and XX centuries, with Byzantine icons and more recent works of the Soviet era; There are works of artists such as Repin, Kandinsky and Chagall as well as those of several lesser-known painters.
Near the Russian Museum it is located also the AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM, in Tabacalera. Opened in 2010 it occupies an area of ​​7000 square meters.In it you will find the private collection of Joao Magalhaes, the great result of years of passion that the collector itself wanted to share with visitors. There are many different areas: we start from 1898 and will continue with the machines of the Belle Époque, the English tradition, Art Deco or Dolce Vita, etc … On display Bugatti, Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Jaguar, and the Rolls-Royce! Certainly you would like to get behind the wheel and drive, for once, these beautiful masterpieces of style and mechanics!
Completely changing the topic, you can visit and  enter the MUSEO DE ARTE FLAMENCO PENA JUAN BREVA. It was inaugurated in 2008 and named after the greatest singer of  Flamenco in Malaga. There are several rooms, each filled with surprises: you can start admiring the paintings and photographs representing singers, dancers and musicians in costumes of various periods, then you will move on to the guitars, some of them very ancient, without forgetting all the records, discs, movies and even books. Everything is here to retrace the history of flamenco and the artists who have made of their passion a real art. In this city of Malaga this music has had a particularly important role: the city not only gave birth to various artists but it has hosted so many coming here to study and improve.

Near the MUSEUM PENA JUAN BREVA you can keep on the visit moving to the CENTRO DE ARTE FLAMENCO KELIPE where we recommend you to spend at least one night:. In fact you will have the opportunity to attend (but maybe “to watch” is not the right word, it should be said “to participate”) to a show that will not forget so soon! Here we go with the FLAMENCO, the true, absolutely beautiful and captivating music of this land!
After visiting these interesting museums and have had a fantastic musical night, it will be great to start a new day by going to CASTILLO DE GIBRALFARO, located on top of a hill, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

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