New Year in Algeria

How do you plan to start the new year? You have no desire to endure the monotony of the usual dinners, dances and collateral events?

What do you think instead to plunge yourself into a completely different reality to be discovered?

Algeria can offer so many new emotions. It is the largest nation in North Africa. To the west there is Morocco, Tunisia to the east, south Mali and Niger, to the north, of course, the Mediterranean Sea. Click here to book a ferry to Algeria.

The Algerian landscape changes completely if you travel from the sea to the south of the country: it goes from the beaches of the coastal cities to the Atlas mountains to get to the Sahara desert and Hoggar area.

If you fear too big a change you can spend New Year in the capital Algiers, for example, which has many features almost similar to those of other European capitals, but it is also able to give you the new flavor of the Algerian culture.

Other coastal cities, such as Oran, Annaba and Skikda, are slightly less “international” than the capital but, given the large number of tourists that come to you every day, they are still equipped to interest and entertain their visitors.

Walking through the narrow streets around the stalls of the colorful souks, you have to admire fabrics, jewelery and carpets and pervaded by the smells and scents of spices, to enjoy a small part of Arab culture.

This culture is also found on the premises offering traditional cuisine (obviously couscous, the various tajines, the kefta, etc …)

Instead, for what concerns the discotheques, it must say that the choice is not very wide. In fact, are the most popular nights or dancing type piano bar also organized by most hotels.

Moving from the coast, is the town of Constantine is one of the cities most fantastic landscape from the point of view: Imagine a city between the sky and the rock, with fantastic bridges that seem suspended in the air. Each of these bridges offers an incredible sight to travelers to Constantine: the Sidi Rached Bridge, the Bridge Sidi M’Cid, the Pont des Chutes, one is the best.

Completely changing scenario, you can also think, if you are very adventurous, to go down to the south, and thus spend New Year’s in the desert. But it must point out that, for the Berbers, the New Year is not celebrated between December 31 and January, but almost two weeks after.

The possibilities for excursions in the Sahara are many – usually they are done in 4 × 4, mounting the fields for the night. Here there is no room for improvisation, one should rely to the right organizers for everything related to the path, if you do not want to risk that the adventure turns into disaster.


Photo CC-BY-SA in Mainam123456

You may for example be up to Tamanrasset (Tamenghest) and from there you will be willing to leave for one of the various paths, or start from the oasis of Djanet Touareg which is the perfect starting point for travel to the Acacus mountainous area. Here the show is absolutely fantastic: imagine immense sand dunes as high as 200 meters alternating with rocks of all shapes.

Another possibility, even more extreme, however, could be interesting only to those who already mountaineering expert: meaning to spend New Year in the volcanic area of ​​the plateau of Haggar, under Mount Tahat, the highest peak throughout Algeria, and later dedicated their passion.

One thing is certain, the new beginning of the year will be anything but boring!

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