New Year 2016 in Greece

Why to go to Greece for the new Year 2015? There is the economic factor, which certainly is important for everyone, especially in these years of crisis. It is clear that Greece is busiest in the summer, and in winter the flow of visitors is lower; consequently, to attracts tourists’ attention, we can find in many hotels and resorts great services and convenient locations at a very cheap price! You can even rent a car in the area to explore restaurants and amazing venues offering live music and evening shows. .

The second reason is that, not being too hot as it happens in the summer, you certainly want to get around to visit the many interesting places, because it is less drawn to the beach and the sea (though walking on deserted beaches has an incredible charm and is worth doing sometimes!).
Another reason still is that we will not find the usual crowd and everything will be easier and more enjoyable, since the movement, but also for the visits of the various monuments and museums, to find places in restaurants, etc.
We could continue to list the advantages of going to Greece in the winter but now instead enter specific.

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Greece is very easy to reach by air or by sea, also by ferry (click here).
From the geographical point of view, it is a very complex, given its fragmentation in a continental part and an insular one; it is no less than 2,000 islands, often gathered in archipelagos scattered in the waters of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian.
The Greek cities and the islands to visit are many, but since we can not list them all here. This time we will talk about Athens, alone, certainly offers plenty to see at all.

Athens is the capital of Greece and reaches 35 percent of the total population, as in past years there has been a massive migration from the inland. From the tourist point of view it is  a large concentration of monuments and historical places to visit in Athens. But the city, despite being rich in history and classical mythology, is very modern. To appreciate this feature just such travel with its new and gleaming subway. It is a colossal realization that is unmatched; It was built for the Olympics in 2004. Each station has been transformed into an underground museum: in fact the artifacts found during the excavations have been exposed, making the trip a real underground cultural journey. These are artifacts of the Mycenaean sculptures, the Byzantine walls and statues dating back to the Hellenistic period that is to the Roman.

Needless to say, there are many historical monuments to visit in Athens, are famous throughout the world. Let’s just mention the Acropolis, in the heart of the historical center, the Parthenon, one of the most impressive monuments, then again the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hephaestus, the Hadrian’s Arch, the archaeological site of Kearminos, the Church Kapnikarea with its stunning architecture, the Temple of Athena, then the Academy of Athens located right in the center of the city; there are so many that it is almost impossible to name them all.

But Athens is also a place of fun and this can be seen even more in the New Year.
The most frequented is certainly the Plaka district, a real tourist haunt, just below the Acropolis. The areas with a more pronounced are the nightlife district and the Psirri Gazi. The first is perhaps less expensive, while the second is more fashionable. Then there’s Kolonaki where you can find many nice venues, not to mention the closeby University of Athens.
You can also choose to go to the movies or the theater with a wide choice, because the Greeks are very fond of going there. For families with children there is the famous theater of shadows Kargiozis, just as there are many fun parks, such as in Alimos or in shopping center Park Allou. Also for families with children, but not only, it is a good idea to visit the Zoo Attica, home to many species of animals.
Then, to change completely kind of fun, there, for fans of gambling, the Casino Mon Parnes located on Mount Parnitha.

In general the nightlife of the inhabitants of Athens intensifies in winter because many of them in the summer move to the islands. It is the reason why it will be easier to know them and interact with them in order to have a truer idea of ​​their customs and traditions.

For New Year’s Eve squares will be animated with traditional events: in Syntagma Square there will be fireworks, bands will perform and will dance the syrtaki, one of the best known among the traditional Greek dancing. How can we forget the scene more evocative of the film Zorba the Greek, in which the actor Anthony Quinn dancing witch all just the syrtaki?
What is certain is that it is a very addictive dance and who will be in place on New Years Eve hardly resist the overwhelming music. It will certainly be a nice way to join the party.
A tradition not only in Athens but all over Greece is that, for boys, going from house to house singing and carrying in his hand pomegranate fruits as a sign of good luck.
Another Greek tradition is to eat vassilopita. It is a sweet dedicated to St. Basil, who is the patron saint and is born on December 31. In preparing the cake it puts a coin in the dough. The person eating the sweet will, will have joy and luck.
You may even decide to spend New Year around Athens; some locals of the nearby beaches will be organized for the event.

Whatever you choose, you will certainly delight.

The last thing to say about the weather: winter is not hard and the weather is sunny it is possible that it may be even a T-shirt, but we must not forget that the evening is colder and therefore need a coat or down jacket, especially if you spend the night of New Year outdoor.

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