Puerto del Rosario: What to see

The Canary Islands are very attractive for tourists and the reasons are very simple: the beauty of the landscape of these islands, their mild climate and their great offer of fun.

Looking at the Canarian archipelago, it is seen that the Island of Fuerteventura is just past the island of Lanzarote which is separated by the Channel Bocayna. The African continent is very close and you can feel also almost the Saharan climate as it closely resembles the Morocco’s temperatures here. Puerto del Rosario is the capital of Fuerteventura and lies on the east coast.

Puerto-del-RosarioPhoto public domain

Puerto del Rosario is not a very big city, but its port is connected very well with the other Canary islands with the Spanish or African coast. Even the internal connections with other towns on the island are well organized. This city is less touristy than the rest of the island but certainly not less attractive; indeed, one can say that for this reason it is more authentic and original.

The attractions that characterizes spectacularly Puerto del Rosario is the Parque Escultoreo: it is made by numerous pretty special statues, all by the artist Juan Bordes, scattered in various parts of the city.

The beautiful white houses, typical of the Canary Islands, they become even more attractive in the port area. In the heart of the city, in Calle Virgen del Rosario, you can visit the Casa-Museo Miguel de Unamuno, where the famous Spanish writer and philosopher stayed during his exile. Opposite the Casa-Museo Miguel de Unamuno is the Church of the Patron Saint of the island, Nuestra Señora del Rosario; the construction of the church dates back to 1828.

Near the port there is the beach town of Playa Chica, a beautiful white sand, much loved by the people, given its proximity to the city center; along the promenade you get to Playa Blanca, a modern beach more than 1 km long, well-equipped with hotels, bars and restaurants. The other beaches are developed mainly to the east of the city.

Fuerteventura for his position is always exposed to the winds. This outstanding feature makes it the preferred destination for all surfers. All Puerto del Rosario area is perfect for sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also courses for beginners. Even fans of diving and underwater fishing will find a wonderful sea where to give vent to their passion.

There are various occasions during the year of celebration, but the party as fun and is certainly one that takes place during the carnival. There are parades of floats with prizes and, above all, the parade at the decorated sea rafts called “Los Achipencos”.

Another feature worth seeing is without any doubt the Ecomuseum de Alcogida. It’s walking distance from Puerto del Rosario, heading inland; is a true “living” museum consists of 7 lodgings where are played all the typical activities of peasants and artisans of the past of Fuerteventura. There are also some workshops for children (for their admission is free).

Another excursion is to do absolutely the Montana de Tindaya, considered a sacred mountain. It is located to the north of Puerte the Rosary and there are still traces of the first inhabitants of Fuerteventura, the people of Majos; all around the mountain there are some rich lagoons of various species of birds.

The city of Rosario Puerte is not only interesting, but it can certainly become a starting point for discovering the beauty of Fuerteventura (click here to book a ferry).

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