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The most beautiful beaches of Durres

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The birth of Durres seems to date back to the seventh century BC, since it is assumed it was a Greek colony named Epidamnos. Throughout history, the city has seen many occupants ranging from the Byzantine to the Norman, from that of Anjou to that of the Venetians, who remained in the territory, meanwhile renamed as Venetian Albania until 1500. Durres, therefore, has close to the history and culture of Italy and, above all, the idiom and, for this reason, has always been different from other cities of Albania. Since that time, he followed the Turkish rule, which tore the city to the Venetians, and the Fascist from 1939 to 1943. After the end of World War II, Durres has become one of the main Albanian cities, is known as a centre that as shipbuilding pole cultural.

So far it has a strong relevance in Albanian economy, since it has a real connection with Western Europe. The proximity to the port of Bari makes possible continuous exchanges of goods and, for this reason, many Albanians have moved here to work in the field. Durres is also the favourite tourist destination by the Albanians. Many inhabitants of Tirana, in fact, spend their holidays here, due to the proximity of the two cities, far just 40 minutes by car.

Durres also has the largest and most important port of Albania and this is as true for the transport of goods, as for the transport of persons. But, as mentioned, the one feature that attracts more than anything else is the sea. What, then, the most beautiful beaches of Durres? Start by saying that here are the most popular beaches of all Albania, also because it is long sandy beaches, all free. Moreover, Durres has a large marina, boat dock where large, luxurious and less luxurious, for all tastes.


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What is striking is the coastline of the area completely free of bathing establishments: here you can stretch out in the sun without paying a euro or rent a beach chair and an umbrella without having to shell out a fortune. The clear blue sea and pristine white beaches are one of the most beautiful things in Durres, which, however, also has a beautiful old town to visit.

The most beautiful beaches of Durres are many and it would be nice to visit them all, to take a dip in the beautiful sea that laps, but the coast is over 6km long and, therefore, better to focus on the most famous and popular beaches. Two small beaches of rare beauty are those of Bardhori and Gjenerali. These are two small pearls of the Adriatic and in the many consider the most beautiful of all.

Bardhori is a rocky beach, which offers a breathtaking view like no other, while Gjenerali is best known for the lush vegetation that surrounds it and that gives shade and refreshment to swimmers who can stop and rest or even have a leisurely lunch in the shade.

The beach of Golem and that of Mali i Robit are closest to the town and they are very nice, especially for the presence of a beautiful pine forest. The bay of Durres seems to be a sort of natural amphitheatre, protected from the wind and weather: great for those who want to enjoy the sun, the sea and the pristine beach. Along the coast you will also discover other beaches and many coves of priceless beauty. What makes particular the coast of Durres is these beaches, which are fab and which are increasingly sought after by tourists from around the world and also by the Albanians of the neighbouring cities.

In addition to the beautiful sea and beaches, the city, as mentioned before, offers much more. Definitely worth seeing are the Archaeology Museum, the Museum of History, the two wonderful theatres, the stronghold. Why not to add a jump at the spa? But there can be limited only to this: Durres also has nice wines and a long food tradition to discover and enjoy under the sun. There are thousands of local restaurants, offering traditional cuisine and rich menu with less than 25 euro. Here you eat not only fresh fish caught daily by the fishermen of the city, but also excellent meat. Another Albanian specialty, then, is the beer, that here costs very little and is of high quality. If you are far from what are called the traps for tourists, ie restaurants created specifically to attract vacationers with special menus and nothing Albanians that cost a blunder, you eat very well and spend nothing. In this sense, we must be careful about all that costs over 25 euro, because it is too expensive.

The nightlife of Durres is typical one of the young city, with a beautiful coastline and many tourists: you live the night in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and there are entertainment for all tastes and needs. After all, when you go on holiday you want to just what this town offers. Durres is also easily accessible from Italy, thanks to its proximity to Tirana, the capital of the nation and the international airport. Getting and staying in Durres is very low cost and this makes it even more interesting. For sure in years to come the most beautiful beaches of Durres will become the favourite destination for tourists from all over Europe, and beyond.


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Besides low prices, beautiful beaches combined with the positive historical moment that is experiencing the nation – wars and unrest now seem away to make possible a new phase of development – are an excellent source of recall. Of course, even here there are resorts and luxury hotels that are favoured by foreigners, thanks to the prices quite low compared to those of other parts of Europe and the world. The landscape that offers this part of Albania, along with the convenience of a trip to a destination not too expensive, make Durres a favorite destination for summer holidays. Check some more info on ferries’ crossing on http://www.ok-ferry.com/en/albania-ferries.aspx.