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Things to do in Alicante: the green way in the hottest days

This charming and welcoming city of Alicante, besides amazing beaches and fantastic resorts, boasts many green parks, boulevards and tree-lined squares, natural sites and scenic trails; all they give the visitors a fresh feeling of relief from the summer heat.
To get to Alicante is very simple. The airport is 10km away, but you can also take the ferry, departing from various ports (check here).
The Port of Alicante is located in the south eastern part of Spain, in the Valencia region; overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the beautiful Costa Blanca.

Throughout the city, as well as its surroundings, it is particularly pleasant, even in the hottest months, because the green areas are many, as well as real national parks, some equipped with kid or  sports areas, others with fountains and ponds. Also the tree-lined streets and squares it make simple just to walk quietly in the shade.

Another thing worth noting is that all over the city, but also on the beaches, children areas are all over. In the streets there are many small parks equipped for children with swings, slides and other games, kept very well and with rubber flooring. You can find these games even at some beaches and seafront. In the center there are the playful decorations and, in some ways, the flooring was designed to allow children to play jumping.
One of the most popular walks in the city is to EXPLANADA DE AESPANA, a long tree-lined avenue with very beautiful flooring, made of red Alicante marble.

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If you want instead to have a panoramic view over the city and the coast, you can go to PARQUE MONTE TOSSAL, located on Mount Tossal. Continuing the walk, you get to CASTLE OF SAN FERNANDO.
The PARC DE LA ERETA is located on the slopes of Mount Benacantil. A walkway connects it to SANTA BARBARA CASTLE which is one of the symbolic places of the city. Inside it is also the Museum of the City of Alicante.
The JARDIN DE QUIJANO is located in Plaza Santa Teresa, in the Barrio de San Anton. It’s a very relaxing park with shrubs and flowering plants and two artificial ponds. At the center is a monument, the Pantheon de Quijano.
In the northern part of the city is located PARQUE LO MORANT which also features picnic areas. It offers the tranquility of its avenues and paths including water murmuring from the fountains. This beautiful park also has an auditorium which hosts, in the summer season, various shows and concerts.

In the south part of Alicante we find EL PALMERAL. The name is due to its beautiful palm trees; Here there are ponds and waterfalls, but also equipment for sporting activities, addressing both adults and children.
PARK CANALEJAS was created by architect Gonzolez Altus. The century-old ficus, fountains, sculptures and games are out there, but the most important feature that makes this park special is  that you can see a map of Spain…carved in stone!
Nearby Alicante there are still several parks and natural sites, such as the Natural Reserve EL HONDO (or EL FUND) and the one belonging to ELCHE.

Then, still in the area, there are plenty of water parks like MUNDOMAR MARINE PARK, where you can admire the dolphins, but also the aviaries with beautiful exotic birds.
The NATURE PARK LAND is instead also a zoo with various animals.
All these places are perfect to spend hours or days relaxing, but it is obvious that Alicante also offers tourists amuch more such as swimming in the crystal-clear sea and sunbathing lying on its beautiful beaches.
Right near the center, and thus easy to reach on foot, there is the El Postiguet Beach. The only problem with this beach is that it is always very crowded, just because of its proximity to the city center.
To the south of the port instead there is the SALADAR Urbanova Beach.
Another popular beach is SAN JUAN; This beach is very long and offers various sports facilities, such as for water sports.

Churches and Museums in Alicante

It’s also nice to stroll through the old town and thus visit the churches and the museums.
As for the churches, it is certainly worth visiting the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, built in the XVII century, in the Baroque style, with its stunning blue dome; also the garden that surrounds it is very nice and well-kept.


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The SANTA MARIA CHURCH was built on the ruins of an Arab mosque; its style is gothic, but the facade presents a very rich, baroque style.
Among the museums of the city the most unusual is certainly the MUSEUM DE LES FOGUERES. This museum is entirely dedicated to the most important event of Alicante, the Feast of Fogueres de Sant Joan. In early summer, more precisely on June 24, during the festival are burnt the “ninots”: they are master-crafted statues made of wood or papier-mâché. The Museum has a collection of photographs and costumes, but also holds projections of past festivals.
If we want to take advantage of the stay in Alicante to see the Balearics, it is very easy and simple: just take the ferry and in no time you can get in one of these magnificent islands.