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The Amalfi Coast by motorbike

If you have not made the rounds of the Amalfi Coast in motion, you are missing one of the best experiences a motorcyclist can do. So hurry up to plan this itinerary for the next holiday or for a weekend!

You could, for example, coming from Naples, take the exit for the coastal (Castellammare di Stabia), and, before going to Sorrento (the Amalfi Coast is in fact only part of the Sorrento peninsula, namely the southern coast), drive a few kilometers more to visit the town of Gragnano, famous for its pasta IGP. Here you are spoiled for choice among the many business that produce pasta, to visit them and find out the various stages of the process, with the ultimate prize that consists in the tasting of a nice plate of steaming macaroni!


Photo CC-BY 3.0 Paolo Costa Baldi

Therefore go on towards Sorrento and, before you get there, from above, you will have a wonderful view of the bay. Here it is a must stop and admire the scenery, maybe even doing some pictures. If you are lucky, at this vantage point there is also a cart with the famous lemons from Sorrento: trust us, you will taste the best  granita in the world.

Now down to the city center; parked your bike, it is recommended to visit the Cathedral, filled with paintings and marble bas-reliefs. If you have time, you can also visit the Capo di Sorrento, a small town nestled among vineyards and gardens.

Broken down thus towards Positano, and here be prepared mentally to the amazing view that awaits you at the end of a turn: houses displaced on terraces between citrus groves and gardens, to the sea, a landscape impossible to describe, as it’s stunning. In Positano, besides admiring the magnificent dome covered with majolica of the Church of the Assumption, you can also take the ferry to the Isle of Capri.

Once started again your trip you will still appreciate travelling by bike, first because the road is narrow, then bescause you can fully admire the view on the left and right of the mountain, while looking down  the sea will flash you with its  blue gorgeous.

After the small village of Praiano, it comes Amalfi which offers almost the same fantastic show of Positano: houses perched on the mountain to the sea. Here, in addition to the Cathedral, with its grand staircase, it is interesting to go the Civic Museum, which preserves the oldest navigation code, the “Tabula Amalphitana”. You can also go by boat to visit the Emerald Cave.

Again on the road, past the pretty Atrani, overlooking the sea and wedged between walls of rock, and continue in the direction of Vietri sul Mare.

Reaching Vietri is a must for taking a ride in the numerous shops where they are exposed in plain sight the traditional tiles that as early as the ninth century were transported in all ports of the Mediterranean. There is also, not far from Vietri, the Ceramics Museum, which exhibits magnificent Vietri ceramics produced already in 1600.

This tour of the Amalfi Coast in motion is going to end, you can already see in the distance the city of Salerno, and certainly the remembrance of the landscapes will be everlasting. This route should be done only one final consideration: the lodgings on the coast are quite expensive, especially in summer, from June to September, and the cheaper ones are now overbooked, then it would be better to get your booking on time.

Exciting excursions from Sorrento

Sorrento is considered one of the most beautiful points of arrival of the Sorrento Peninsula, but it is not to be underestimated as a starting point. The city, in fact, is located in a strategic position from which you can easily reach not only the neighbouring towns of the peninsula itself, but also the locations of the Amalfi Coast.

Here lovers of trekking and naturalism are numerous and in these wild places you will be able to find places of rare beauty, where nature thrives untouched; these sites allow contact with the purest nature, but they also give a strong sense of spirituality and well-being.

sorrento 1

Photo CC-BY by otsaloma

In particular, the area of Massa Lubrense to have numerous routes that for many miles stretches to create interesting paths, where ancient ruins and historic buildings alternate with views from the lovely charm.

Very important in this regard is the walk of the 23 houses, a route that is held once a year and which aims to rediscover the territory of Massa. In addition to the beauty of the nature and the views of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno and from particular perspectives. Beautiful the Vesuvius of Mons Lactarius: the walk also allows you to visit ancient churches and monasteries.

Additional paths are possible in the area of Vico Equense or the Colli di Fontanelle, a suburb of Sorrento.


Photo CC-BY by ho visto nina volare

Obviously, the routes of the peninsula, there are also those of the Amalfi Coast and you can not help but mention the Path of the Gods, the most renowned of the areas, which extends from the Amalfi Coast to the Sorrento Peninsula, crossing the various and fascinating villages of Positano and Agerola.

And again from Positano and its fraction of Montepertuso is a spectacular scenery that unfolds before the eyes once you reach the top of Monte Sant’Angelo and its  spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples. Of course, getting there is not easy, in fact it’s up to cross a very lush vegetation, sometimes wild: you can even find yourself looking at the islands of Capri and Li Galli from an exceptional height.

Several other pathways also involve the most important common as the hills of Sorrento, Amalfi and the natural reserves of Valle delle Ferriere or Ravello.

Choosing a B & B in Sorrento you can easily reach these places to experience them in all their glory, having no way to set the tone for an inner journey that can bring well-being and awareness of both  body and mind.

Embark on a nature trail is good for  all ages, but it can also be interesting for lovers of photography,  and that are in degrees to give moments where time seems to stand still. You will be able to capture moments and unusual situations, through the lens of their cameras.

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