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Luggage weight limitations on ferry

bellman-luggage-cart-104031_1280Photo by Publico Domain

If you decide to book a ferry for a holiday and enjoy a trip to discover many wonderful destinations, then you must be aware about the policy’s company about what are the weight limitations on baggage to be loaded. One of the first questions to ask yourself when you book a ticket on the ferry is one of many kilograms of luggage you can carry along

It is good to know it before for a reason, and very easy to guess: you will avoid problems while boarding and fulfilling streamline procedures. Although it is important to ask for clarification on the shipping company with whom you decide to book, in principle is the following: if you have an arrangement in a chair, you can carry up to 20kg of free baggage while, in case it is opted for the purchase of a cabin, the baggage weight must not exceed 40 kg.

Of course, if you want to carry more luggage with a greater weight than that included in the ticket price you need to pay a premium. Carrying packages that exceed the limits or do not fit into the free ones is to be paid separately and, in this specific case, each company has its own policy on the subject. This is also good to keep in mind when you decide to leave that company. It is also good to inquiry well in advance of the above, in the light of the fact that you might have unpleasant consequences when boarding.

There is also to point out that, in case of loss or damage to baggage and delivered closed, the shipping company is obliged to reimburse the traveller who suffers the damage, except in cases when uncontrollable events who prevented the custody and control of the baggage. For all the procedures for reimbursement and for specific cases it is best to turn to the shipping companies, in order to have accurate and timely news.