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Ferry: can you transfer the tickets?

When you book a ticket for a ferry (click here), we always hope to be able to start smoothly and without  complications. However, something unexpected can happen that prevents the traveller who bought the ticket to leave. What happens in this case? Can you just sell the ticket and, if so, at what price and under what conditions?


Photo CC-BY-SA by Louis Moutard-Martin

Before attempting to answer these burning questions, which can be very useful to all those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation in spite of their former intention to leave, it is important to remember that all shipping companies have their rules and, therefore, the best solution is always to ask the agency where you bought the ticket or visit the company with which you have to travel.

In general, however, we can give some advice rough so as to have at least an idea of ​​the possible solutions.

According to the regulations relating to navigation of the ferry, the ticket is something personal and, therefore, it is impossible to sell it to third parties, so it is kind of “automatic” to say it is not possible to resell it. On the ticket, in fact, it is the name and surname of the person who bought it, and, of course, to all the data on embarking and disembarking plus the eventual placement / accommodation on board. It is clear that the ticket, therefore, can not be sold to a third party who is attending the boarding gate in place of the possessor. The only feasible thing is to contact the shipping agency, which is the only one that can give, after signalling his consent to the transfer.

If the company does not accept the transfer of names on the tickets, then the solutions could be of a different nature: you can, for example, undertake to modify data on the ticket, even if this means, of course, the payment of a penalty. The passenger will have to pay otherwise as there is no other way to change the ticket. Alternatively, if you can not leave any more and you can not sell the ticket, you may cancel the ticket. Again, however, the passenger must notify the agency or to the shipping company and will be forced to pay a penalty based on the number of days remaining in the trip.