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Golfo degli Aranci in Sardinia: what to visit

Golfo degli Aranci (Gulf of Oranges), also known as Figari in Sardinian, is a town in the province of Olbia  and, therefore, an integral part of that wonderful paradise that is the Gallura. It is one of the top holiday destinations of the exclusive Sardinian summer.
The small town, which in summer is filled with tourists and colour, offers a lot to those who visit it and, therefore, we will launch into a virtual adventure to discover all the beauties of the Golfo degli Aranci, visiting monuments and beaches, to get an idea in the round of what the area offers.

Before going on the trip, it is good to know that once you reach Olbia by ferry (click here) or a flight, you must then move to the north to reach the town. The ideal time to visit the area begins in late spring. Summer time begins here as early as the end of May and goes on until the end of September. The hottest months are July and August, when they touch temperatures that can sometimes be even higher than 30 degrees. The water temperature, however, is around 25 degrees, for a  very pleasant experience to try. In addition, the bays of the Golfo degli Aranci are one of the things that deserve to be seen and can be accessed very easily by swimming. But let’s go step by step: what to see in the Gulf?

Golfo_Aranci_8232Photo CC-BY-SA by Gianfranco

One of the first things to look at, soaking in the beauty of the land, is the promontory of Capo Figari, which took its name from the local dialect and that is located 340 meters above sea level. The peculiarity of this promontory is its beauty, being covered with junipers and oaks. But Golfo degli Aranci means also, and above all, the sea and beautiful beaches. In the north there is the beach of Cala Sabina, located next to the beautiful bay of the Gulf of Marinella. In the south, however, they are Cala Sassari, Cala Moresca and Sos Aranzos. In front of Cala Moresca is, then, the island Figarolo, one of the best isle ever. Here you can admire the famous lighthouse of Capo Figari from which you can observe the islands Mortorio and Soffi up to Punta Romazzino. In the area there is also the beautiful Cala Greca, a small bay that cannot be visited.

Moving toward the northwest, however, they are Punta Marana and Punta della Volpe. Continuing our visit to the beaches of the Golfo degli Aranci you should visit the Spiaggia Bianca, offering an expanse of fine white sand and a breathtaking view. Although it is difficult to reach, given that you have to take a dirt road, it’s worth doing it, because you can park easily and, once there, you can enjoy a true paradise on earth.

We also suggest a detour to the beach of Villa Margherita which is located right in the heart of the Golfo degli Aranciand that is also partially equipped, and has a small marina. The city’s beach par excellence, however, is Terza Spiaggia: thanks to the boundless expanse of sand and shallow waters, is ideal for families with children. As you can see, what characterizes these places are the long stretches of sand that sometimes are pristine, and other times, however, they have tourist facilities and organized. According to those who have their travel needs, then, you can decide where to go.

But Golfo degli Aranci is not just sea and sun. There are also some, delicious, monuments, not to be missed. One of the things to see is undoubtedly the sacred well of Milis, which is a testimony to the Nuragic civilization  who came to this day. To see this, you have to walk a bit but it is located shortly after the station Golfo degli Aranci and, therefore, is easily accessible. Unfortunately, the monument was partially demolished in 1800, just to make room to the nearby train station. Currently, they can still see a staircase and a room of the well that, despite everything, has some quite large and gives a good idea of ​​what it should be. It is a well built with regular rows of blocks of cistus, limestone and granite, which were first machined and then used for the construction. To go down, there are about 40 steps, leading in the area still standing. Surely this, together with the lighthouse above, is the most important monument of the town.

For those, however, is more interested in the nightlife, it must be said that the Golfo degli Aranci is right in that area of ​​Sardinia very dedicated to clubbing and parties Taking a few kilometers you can find temples of fun, ideal for young tourists who loves to have a great time.