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Attractions in Kefalonia

If it is true that the Greek islands are always very popular with tourists who appreciate its ancient history, the beautiful beaches and clear sea, it is also true that not all the islands offer peace and relaxation.

Kefalonia Island is still little touristic, so it is indeed ideal for a relaxing holiday (click here to book your ferry). It is part of the Ionian Islands located in the Ionian Sea, and is on the west of Greece and the Peloponnese archipelago. In the south side of Kefalonia you can see the island of Zakynthos, in the East the ancient Island of Ithaca.

CefaloniaPhoto CC-BY-SA El Charis 9

The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli, but the most important port of the island is that of Sami, in the central part of the East coast.

Despite being the largest of the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia go along easily in an hour and a half’s drive. It is in Kefalonia mainly known for its beaches, but the island hides some interesting surprise even to those who love mountains. In fact, in the South, we find the Mount Ainos (Enos) of nearly 1628 meters above sea level. For several years this area has become National Park.

But the biggest attraction of Kefalonia is certainly the beaches: the most important is Antisamos, near Sami. This beautiful and long beach with small coves on the right, is also famous because here was shot the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” starring Nicolas Cage.

Another beautiful beach is Myrtos, in the northwestern part of the island; But here the sea is quite rough due to the currents. Myrtos offers an unforgettable sight from the top of the cliffs – with the beach enclosed between two cliffs.

The Xi Beach in Luxouri peninsula, (you can find it heading to West), is much smaller but is particularly striking with its reddish sand and clay rocks.
The Petani beach is near Paliki; Here we must be careful because the waters are deep.

The resorts of Kefalonia are all very characteristic: in the North there is the small village of Fiscardo where you can spot the Island of Ithaca. In the north, near the beach of Myrtos, there is Assos. It has a fantastic view of the village if you climb up to the ruins of a Venetian fortress. Skala is instead a very well equipped beach resort, with a nice big beach.

Near Sami and its port from which you reach the Greek mainland, the island of Ithaca and Italy, you can visit the ancient Acropolis of Sami, surrounded by its walls, and the Monastery Agrillion. Always close to Sami, there are the caves of Drogarati and Melissani; before you get to it it is very pleasant boat ride on the lake.

In the capital Argostoli there are various possibilities of passing the time pleasantly: you can stroll along the promenade and then continue in parallel street, Lithostroto, a very convenient path as it is pedestrian: there are shops, bars and small businesses offering the products of local crafts and traditional foods. If you want to know or learn the local history, there is the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of History and Folklore. Other attractions would be the bridge over the lagoon Koutavos or the lighthouse of Ag.Theodoron.

A final consideration: the town beaches in Kefalonia are very well kept and clean, and this is something that certainly proves the great civilization of the inhabitants of the island!