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Lost items on board: what to do?


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When travelling by ferry, you must also think about the luggage, in order to be protected in case of lost items on board.

Shipping companies become responsible for the passenger’s baggage if it is registered. To check a bag you need the consent of the passenger who has to¬† be asked about it explicitly and which will be asked to fill out a report, in duplicate, attesting what is the place of departure and destination. This statement must also report the weight of the baggage and, if desired, the value of the items inside.

In this way, they will keep your luggage safe from any loss. Be careful, though, because there is to be noted that the shipping company could not reimburse you if it is proved that the loss has occurred for reasons beyond its responsibility. A checked baggage is protected even if it is not lost but ruined or damaged in some way, for reasons attributable to the carrier.

What happens, however, if the baggage is not recorded? In this case, it is for the passenger to prove that the luggage has been lost or damaged for a reason attributable to the shipping company. It goes without saying that, in most cases, this is very difficult to prove if there is a recording of baggage which, therefore, is always recommended if we want to protect it further.

At this point one wonders what to do if you lose your luggage on board. The first thing to do in these cases, i.e. if there is loss or damage to baggage or personal belongings, is to turn at the counter of the company in the port of landing. The timing is important: if the loss or damage are noticed immediately upon delivery, then you should immediately file it. if you are in the situation where you become aware of something wrong when you open your luggage, you have 3 days to make a declaration of loss or damage.

After specifying the above, it is important to understand what are the indemnity provisions.

First, as mentioned, luggage or objects that is not registered are not subject to refund, except in cases where it can be shown that where lost or damaged occurred, they are fully attributable to the company. For checked baggage, however, you are entitled to compensation, always when it is a lost or damaged for reasons attributable to the shipping company. In this case, the aforementioned company is obliged to pay the carry-pound, we speak of 6 EUR per kilo. For international travel, however, it is the issue of reimbursement up to a maximum of 25 thousand Euros.
Of course, each carrier has its own rules and, therefore, you should read what are the conditions of the ferry company you decide to go. Ask everything about the luggage policy, the insurance, what happen in case of loss and damaged items.

The right to have a compensation is determined by each company’s policy. it becomes the duty of the passenger, to find information before booking. Remember to gather all useful information before departure and, as mentioned, in the case of loss of or damage to property on board, the response has to be immediate or otherwise, it should be within the limits set in order to avoid a loss of the right to compensation.

Going on holiday should be a pleasure and, therefore, it is essential to be protected proactively against all that might happen and might cause discomfort or inconvenience.

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