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New Year’s Eve in Malta

The New Year’s Eve is coming closer and closer and of course you are looking for ideas and inspiration to be able to spent it in the best way with families and friends. If you still do not have a precise idea of ​​what to do and where to go, but you just want to leave, why don’t you try Malta? In recent years, it is becoming more important and prestigious location to visit.

Spending  the New Year in Malta is a very good idea for those on a low budget. This international destination, in fact, it is not among the most expensive when compared with other renowned destinations for New Year’s Eve, such as Paris or London. To reach malta by ferry click here.

But what Malta has to offer?

This pearl is located in the center of the Mediterranean, and it is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. For this reason more and more people choose it as a destination for their summer holidays and beyond. Sea and beaches have a breathtaking beauty, surrounded by characteristic landscapes, artistic and architectural beauty: this and much more is offered to the tourists that visit this ancient island.

But what do you do for New Year in Malta? At first glance it might seem an unusual destination, or at least very different from what we are accustomed to consider, and yet, I assure you, it is one of the best for the period in question.

In recent years, in fact, the island is experiencing a real tourist boom, which also results in increasing exponentially the possibilities of fun. Needless to say that the period of Christmas and New Year takes on a special charm, as the island is dressed in lights, colors and develops small cribs in the open, where everything smells of celebration and traditions. Those who love Christmas, for example, will find in Gozo what is right for their own kind. We are talking about Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem, a reproduction of the historic Bethlehem that revives the time of the Nativity with 150 actors. In other words, a real crib-village located near the port of Mgarr.

GozoPhoto Public Domain

In Malta, however,there is also a workshop of Santa Claus, which is divided into 3 parts, you can visit: the atrium, the laboratory and its lair. The home of Santa Claus was created with the intent to tell a visual story: from the arrival of the letters written by children to Santa Claus, the toys produced by the elves in the famous laboratory, until the time when gifts are placed on the sled ready to depart.

For those who enjoy the festivities in the square, we should spend the last night of the year in St. George Square, a famous square in Valletta. Here you will alternate moments of music, fun, dance or whatever, until the stroke of midnight. It is a show that goes on for years and years and that is the heart of the New Year on the island.

If, instead, you prefer the fun in clubs and parties that goes on until the next morning, then the ideal solution are the neighborhoods of Paceville and St Julian’s, where there are several trendy clubs, have become one stasus symbol of tourists in search of worldliness. Usually they organize very funny theme parties and the threshold prices as well as the cost of the drink is very accessible, just to meet even at a younger crowd.

St.-Julians-MaltaPhoto CC-BY by  Windsor Garage

Sliema also offers many bars and many opportunities to party all night long. If you want to spend New Year’s Eve at the beach, however, going to wait for midnight on the beautiful beaches of the island full of tourists and locals will find you in good company. The climate here is fairly mild even during the winter and it is not unusual to come across people “reckless” willing to take a midnight dip to celebrate the arrival of the new year in a different way.

Also very popular is the New Year in St. George’s Bay which is home to a huge ice rink, very popular both among  locals as well as tourists. An alternative way to celebrate the New Year, but also a way to have fun!

Some local name for the celebration? Take pen and paper and start scribbling: Portovino, wine bar of St Julien very known for tastings of the best wines; Bamboo Bar in Paceville Dragonara Road. In the same area there are two temples for lovers of Latin American such as Fuego and Havana, but there is also the famous Footloose Bar which is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular venue in the  island. It offers various musical selections, including ’80s music and theme nights.

These are just a few suggestions of what you can do in Malta during the New Year. With these tips you can arrange for a holiday with all the trimmings spending an alternative New Year, spending little and so much fun.

Having fun in Malta

Until a few years ago the youth tourism, oriented to fun, did not take much thought to Malta, but nowadays  this tourist destination is the hub of European nightlife. Will Malta become the new Ibiza? It is probably a bit too much as a comparison but, for sure, in a few years we can talk again about it.

A pearl in the midst of the sea

What attracts to Malta, and that has also attracted settlers who arrived in this land, it is the strategic position at the centre of the Mediterranean, making it easily accessible and halfway between Europe and Africa.

If at first Malta was colonized by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Angevin, Aragonese, Italian and English, to rule the Mediterranean, today that position so strategically makes a real pearl of the same sea and the island of fun, easy to get and very much alive. Malta’s history has its roots very remote, since the first evidence of humans on the island date back to 5200 BC. It is a land that has always inhabited and, therefore, the traditions and the testimonies of all the civilizations that have conquered the land are an added value that make Malta one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and beyond.


Public domain

Malta can be reached very easily, since many low cost airlines have thought of flights that depart from main airports and that, with their relatively low cost, motivate young people to choose precisely this as their holiday destination. Not to mention the fact that Malta is also reachable by ferry. If you consider also that here you will find everything you want to have fun, while spending an unforgettable summer of sea and entertainment, and travelling with a low budget, it’s done.

But where you have fun in Malta and what provides the island with regard to entertainment?

As mentioned, Malta is a beautiful island, which encompasses many facets ranging from ancient history to the sea and the sun, but also the nightlife. Those arriving in Malta with the idea of ​​fun certainly will not be disappointed, because here, year after year, they are growing clubs, discos, restaurants and everything else and the world of entertainment can not but be happy. Malta, therefore, is taken by storm, just like Sardinia or Ibiza, from all those who want to spend a summer full of hot sun, sea and fun. What could be better than enjoying the sunset on an island that is the focus of one of the most beautiful seas of the world, namely the Mediterranean? Before delving into the real advice, it should always remember that Malta is not a single island, but contains a number of islands that are the island of Malta, an island of Comino and Gozo.

The island of Comino is unique, because it is virtually uninhabited but for sure the most beautiful sea in the archipelago.

Of course, the island of Malta is the busiest and the most beloved. Here the nightlife is concentrated in the two main cities that are in Valletta, which is the capital of the island, and St Julian. Valletta offers so much to all who come. Whether it’s young people looking for fun or for classical music lovers, the city is without doubt the best choice. Here is the famous Manoel Theatre which is a real place of worship for those who are fans of classical music and theater performances. Here, in fact, they go on stage all the major cultural events of the island and is also the home of the famous Philharmonic Orchestra of Malta.


Photo  CC-BY-SA by Frank Vincentz

But who goes to the theater you can not pass up the opportunity to have a coffee in one of the oldest bars in the city. This is the theater café, located in the beautiful courtyard of Casa Bonici, which is a splendid eighteenth-century building located in Old Bakery Street.

Bar and Cafes

To all those who, instead, want to have fun without paying too much attention to all that is cultural, we recommend attending the many bars and pubs of Valletta that are a favourite of both locals and foreigners looking for fun. One of the bar without a doubt the best known of the city is the Cafe Jubilee, one of the most popular located on St Lucia Street. It is a bar where you can eat traditional cuisine and immerse yourself in the world of blues, jazz and ethnic music. Here you find yourself and you will meet people from all over the world. Trabuxu is also a hot spot. Easy to reach, since it is located right in the city centre, this place offers plenty of very fine wines to customers. It is a trendy wine bar, where you can also enjoy excellent traditional dishes. The promenade of La Valletta, then, is full of bars, more or less small, that offer music every night and where you can drink and have fun. We are talking, for example, about the V5 Bar, the Q Bar and many more.

St Julian’s also full of entertainment, including discos that rock out to the rhythm of R & B, salsa, hip hop and more. There are also many night clubs of various kinds.

As for the nightlife in Gozo, one must say that here we have fun until late at night and there are two places, the Aurora and the Arena, which often host many famous singers and groups. Even here there are clubs, discos, bars and all that you want to spend a holiday full of fun.

The official language is English, which facilitates tourists increasing number coming from everywhere!






Malta can host you all year round


Photo by CC BY-SA Berthold Werner

The island of Malta boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, l perfect for the summer months being among the cleanest places in the Mediterranean, Malta is  a place popular with swimmers, snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.
But in addition to  the binomial beach-sea, Malta reveals to be a perfect destinationp for other reasons.
His ancient history and witnessed by the high density of places of historical interest. Prehistoric temples, the Roman catacombs, the medieval villages, heritage architectural and extraordinary artistic life coupled with the Knights of St. John (Knights of Malta) legends. Those attractions are all good reasons to visit Malta in any moment of the year.
The country is also, and let me say fortunately, finally shook off the British culinary heritage and today is home to some excellent restaurants  in Mediterranean cuisine, ready for gourmets.

When to go
The summer and the blue sky invite you to dive in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the perfect time to sunbathe, to swim, to dive and practice boating,.
Spring and  Autumn periods are ideal to visit and explore Malta, when the weather is nice and the temperatures pleasant.
Winter brings greater risk of bad weather (although, in January high daytime is a pleasant 15C) but during the winter the costs drop significantly. In this way you avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauties of this  Place. Christmas period in Malta is lovely on the island.

Malta has many cheap taxi and car rentals. Cars can be rented at the airport from the hotel or in advance through local and international cCompanies.However, the main bus station is located just outside of Valletta City Gate and from there you can get anywhere on the island. All buses with numbers lower than 100 will be leading to Valletta and buses whose code numbers beginning with X will be leading to the airport.


Photo Pubblico Dominio

The island of Malta is ideally can be divided into two parts due to a vast conurbation rising In the eastern coast, while  the other is more deserted, rising to the west in the inner zone.

The cityìs  highlights not to be missed are:
The capital of Malta, La Valletta, the “Most Humble City”,  is part of the UNESCO world heritage site, and the main centre of activity in the island. It is a city-fortress risinge on the hill  and overlooking the sea, located on the rock of the peninsula of Mount Sceberras. He had natural harbours, Marsamxett and Grand Harbour.
Medina, the “Silent City”,  was the ancient capital of Malta, a kind of fortress walls and medieval architecture mixed with Arab ancestry and Baroque palaces. Boasting the title of ” Notable City”; indeed it  can be called “L-Imdina”. Rabat is rising near Medina and here it is possible to access the catacombs of San Paolo.
Cottonera (Kottonera) includes the city of Vittoriosa, Cospicua, Senglea and then shopping enthusiasts can go to Sliema.
Who wants to see more examples of medieval buildings can opt for Victoria and the Citadel of Gozo.

Christmas in Malta
Malta is a Catholic country, and it is gorgeous here to party fo rChristmas. In all locations ther are set up cribs, masses and songs.
In particular in La Valletta the co-cathedral of St. John organises carols by candlelight. During the Christmas period all churchesand the  baroque parish are decorate with typical colors of Christmas, white and red carmine, and here are prepared wonderful handcrafted mangers.
Among the most anticipated events by children and adults it is  the show, which is held at the Manoel Theatre.

Riding a car in Malta

It is notorious that driving in  Malta is subject to the British rule:  Yopu should keep the left lane of the road. Among the main rules of traffic there are:

  1.     On the circular roadway keep  left
  2.     Overtake right
  3.     Give priority to right
  4.     Do roundabouts clockwise (the vehicles inside the roundabout take precedence)
  5.     Put the seat belts
  6.     Observe the maximum speed In built-up areas of50 kph
  7.     The yellow lines at the edges of the streets indicate the parking ban.

Getting to Malta
Malta can reached by sea or by air. How about taking a frry or a ship? Here all the information you might need: http://www.ok-ferry.com/en/ports/ferries-malta.aspx