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A trip to Marseille: the must-see list

Over the centuries, Marseille has been called in many ways, but it is certainly Dumas’s statement the most appropriate. The immortal writer is the one in fact who described the French city as “where you meet all over the world.” This description inscribes well the character of the city, unique and unmissable.

Marseille is considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, because it has some peculiarities that other cities do not have. It is also the largest city in southern France, as well as the regional capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. And there’s more: Marseille is also the first port in the nation and the sixth in Europe. All these features, therefore, make it an ideal destination for a trip.

In fact, after Paris, it is the most visited city in France. But what to visit in Marseille? Here’s a list.

The first thing we should not miss is the Vieux Port, or Old Port, which is that point where they reached the Phocaeans who founded the city that today welcomes ships and fishing boats from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. Here also numerous ferries arriving and departing to various destinations, click here to learn more.

Here you can find one of the most famous fish markets across the nation and every morning rush on the spot dozens of people going to do their own “business” on their tables daily to bring fresh fish.

Photo CC-BY-SA byi Pumbaa80
Do not miss also the District Thiers the location where once arsenal of galleons arrived from all over the world. It is now an architectural complex with a vaguely Venetian taste to it, open to be fully visit.
Even Le Panier is a must, because it is all defined as the Montmartre of Marseille. There are shops and shops from the bohemian in you. This is one of the most beautiful neighborhouds in the city and is definitely one of the most characteristic. To visit it, you must move from place Daviel and get to the Maison du Refuge, which was a former retreat for repentant prostitutes. To unwind the square of Moulins and the climb des Accoules.
Wandering yet to Marseille, there is the Vielle Major cathedral that is the oldest and most important of the city, in a typical Provencal style. Very characteristic, the cathedral contains works of art of no small value.
The abbey of Saint Victoir, however, is an abbey in Romanesque style and very beautiful to visit during his tour of the city.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the heart of the city, a detour to La Canabière which is the most famous course in Marseille.
Finally, the Vieille Charité is a remarkable example of the French Baroque which began as a haven for vagrants and then is converted into military barracks. After being abandoned, it was restored by Le Corbusier.
The gardens of the Vestiges, is where are the remains of the port who saw the landing of the Greeks.
On the island in front of Marseille is the Château d’If that was formerly a prison, known for hosting the Count of Monte Cristo during his imprisonment.


Photo CC-BY by Jean Marc Rosier
The Cité Radieuse is another work of Le Corbusier that are worth visiting. As you can see, the city is very rich in beauty to visit, but there are other attractions that make Marseille a popular destination for tourists of all kinds, also young folk.

In fact, the night life in Marseille is very developed and this makes the city a meeting point for young people from all over Europe and beyond. Here there are trendy, but also very popular bars, clubs and eccentric venues  from where the musicians play good jazz, trendy nightclubs and cafes are very close too: this fully reflects what is Marseille, the kingdom of contrasts differences.

Being a big, cosmopolitan city, Marseille is all you want, but the most popular are these: the Venture Jazz Club, which is one of the oldest and best-loved of all the city with its atmosphere very 50s ; The Caravelle, which is also a jazz bar, very famous for the quality of its cocktails, which is located in the Old Port; The Trolleybus, one of the city’s most popular nightclubs, as well as one of the most known in the resort. The young people of Marseilles and all the surrounding areas flock here, especially on weekends, as well as many tourists who populate the city at any time of year. Among the nightlife it is also worth mentioning the Bazaar, famous for hosting the most famous DJs in the world.

Marseille is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, to visit at least once in the lifetime.