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Morocco’s climate and temperatures: choose the right moment for travelling

Morocco is a dreamy country with a great variety of climate and temperatures which co-exist in the different areas: from the coast to the desert the adventure here is always around the corner. Everyone has different needs, therefore when you choose to get here you will need to consider two important factors:

If you have your holiday granted in a given period, check the climate of the different zones in Morocco, so you can choose wisely a destination rather than another, in order to spend the holiday with the most favorable climate. You need to take into account the type of vacation you want for yourself . An example: if you want to go there in the summer, and the aim is to just relax on the beach, sunbathe and swim, do not you certainly will choose the same destination of those who want to discover new places and starting an adventure, perhaps suffering too much the heat.


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In the case where the target has already been decided, you should, if possible, choose to start the best time for that particular area, not to find yourself having to use everyday umbrella.

Morocco is a country located in North West Africa. In the northern part that stretches from the Strait of Gibraltar to Algeria, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The port of Tangier, at the northwestern tip, is easily accessible by ferry, either from nearby Spain and Italy (click here). The west coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and here are the cities of Casablanca, Rabat and Agadir, much beloved by tourists. The city of Marrakech, also very popular with travelers, is situated in the inner area, to 480 m of altitude.

The entire northern part has the typical Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winter and hot and dry summer. The sea temperature in August is about 23 degrees.

The Atlantic coast is cooler; the water temperature is about 21 degrees in August. Autumn and Spring are in maximum pleasurable line across the coast.

Rainfall is fairly abundant from November to April is on the Mediterranean coast of the Atlantic.

Morocco is crossed from north to south from the Atlas mountains, and more precisely, starting from the North: the Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti Atlas. These areas have a very different climate, the Middle and High Atlas have very severe winters which also extend into the late Spring . The highest peaks may reach 4,000 m. and you can ski in the snow. In autumn and spring rains are plentiful.

Going further to the south, in the Anti Atlas, there is the pre-desert area, with humid winds and winter cold, hot and dry in the summer instead. The average winter temperatures are on average of 6, 11 degrees, with a peak of 1 and 17 degrees. In summer the average maximum is 32 degrees but can be up to 40 degrees.

Farther south, the climate is typical of a desert, with hot days and temperature changes at night. The temperatures are average of 4 to 21 degrees in winter and 26 to 44 degrees in summer.
Only the part of the coast, although the further south, the temperatures are pleasant, both in summer and winter. The latter is mild enough: the minimum average is 13 degrees and the maximum average of 22 degrees. In the summer, thanks to the sea breeze that cools the air, not exceeding usually 19:27 degrees.

Let’s see, starting from the north, the seasonal average temperatures of the main tourist cities:

TANGIER: in the coldest months, January and February, the average temperature is about 9 degrees minimum and 17 maximum, but also happened to have the minimum and maximum peaks of 0 or 27 degrees. The rains are abundant. In April averages they are aged 13 and 21 degrees, with 4 points and 30 degrees. The rains begin to fall. In August, the average temperature is 24 degrees, but can soar beyond 30 degrees.


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CASABLANCA and RABAT are close enough and have the same climate in the months of January and February: the average temperatures here  are between 8 and 18 degrees, and rarely drops below freezing. In April, the minimum ranging from 8 to 15 degrees and the maximum are on average of 23 degrees. It happened also exceptionally that there are peaks above 30 degrees. In August it climbs to an average temperature of 27 degrees, with peaks up to exceed 40 degrees. The rains are more frequent in November and December.

ESSAOUIRA AGADIR and have a mild winter with little rain; These are more frequent in Autumn or Spring. The temperatures are pleasant even in summer, because they are never too high, with average minimum of 18 degrees and average maximum of 30 degrees. In January, the minimum is 7-8 degrees and the maximum of about 22. In April it ranges from 12 to 25 degrees on average.

Finally, in Winter it might be nice the desert area, in the South, but always taking into account the fact that you have to cover well, especially at night. In Summer you can be recommended the Mediterranean area, the Middle and High Atlas, but also the Atlantic Coast, especially that from Agadir down, understanding that you may also have the hottest days. In Autumn or Spring Casablanca, Rabat should give pleasant days without too much rain, as well as indeed Tangier. Swimming in the sea is also possible, if you are not too sensitive to the cold.

Whatever the choice, even on the basis of what you want to do, whether hiking or skiing in the mountains, relaxing on the beach, visits to the imperial cities or hiking, you will certainly have the opportunity to appreciate all the features of Morocco.