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Nador: the least known city of Morocco

For whom he had never heard of, Nador is a city of Morocco is located in the Eastern and, to be precise, in the province of Nador and, to be precise on the lagoon of Bou Areg.

Just thanks to this favorable position, the city of Nador is connected by highway with the Spanish enclave of Melilla, which is just 10 km away.The city of Nador was notoriously considered a meeting point between Berbers, indigenous and other populations, from the Phoenician period up to Islam. It is, in any case, a very rich area, especially from the point of view of agriculture and, therefore, booming from an economic point of view.


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Moreover, in recent years the Moroccan tourism is increasingly becoming a reality and that is why the city as Nador can become hub of tourist waves from Italy and beyond. Arriving in Nador, do not expect to find monuments and everything else, because, as we said, it is a growing city that, for the moment, is focusing on the economy which is actually quite flourishing.
Above all, there is a thriving metallurgical industry that creates much of the wealth of the city. Many Moroccan expatriates decide to come right in Nador to spend a few days in the company of the loved ones; this is because the city is on the coast and has some beautiful structure that houses not just tourists. However, forget about museums and picturesque harbours. There are a few restaurants on the beach that attracts local tourists, too: those coming to Nador makes to the town especially for its position that allows you to move easily in the neighbouring Spanish enclave.


For those who enjoy hiking, Nador is a good starting point: for those who, for example, like bird watching, just 30 km from Nador is the village of Kariet Arkmane which is very interesting because it has a large expanse freshwater and salt marshes. There you can find fish and birds of all species.

Also, moving only 10 km, is located Melilla, a city very rich and very interesting to visit. Melilla is an autonomous city which belongs to Spain and it is a free port. Its story is quite old, just like that of nearby Nador. Melilla was in fact a Phoenician colony, then it became a Roman colony, and later a part of the Caliphate of Cordoba. In 1497 the city was conquered by the Spaniards, and for over 30 years, the Moroccan government claimed back it loudly, along with Ceuta and other islands. The city has a fab old part, which enchants everyone who visits it. It is a very interesting historical centre, just like the one of Nador, since both were born in ancient times. As time went by, both towns became some real crossroads that have seen many rulers and many changes.

For those who love the outdoors activitities, there is a beautiful park, namely the Herandez, which is always open to visitors and is great to make a nice picnic. Las Cuevas del Conventico is also free to visit. For those arriving in Melilla, a jump to the Palacio de Asamblea is a must, as is a must also visit Plaza de Espana, which also includes the famous Nieto’s Casino Militar and Banco d’Espana. Melilla also has a very well attended yacht club, namely the Real Club Maritimo which offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful breakfasts overlooking the sea. There are many cafes and pubs, serving tapas, but Los Salazones and CafĂ© Dolce Vita are not to be missed when in town.

As we see, even if it does not offer much, from the point of view of tourism you can still take advantage of as a great base for trips in the district. From Nador, for example, you can take a comfortable ferry to reach the Spanish coast. Specifically, Nador is well connected with Motril: a navigation of only 5 hours and 10 minutes you are in another country, and from there you can move to visit cities such as Granada, Malaga, Almeria. In short, the possibilities are many and diverse. Check all the matches on http://www.ok-ferry.com/en/marocco-ferries.aspx.

However, what you should not miss in Nador is the opportunity to eat in a restaurant that offers berbers’ specialties with contamination of the Spanish ones: meat, fish and grilled vegetables in all modern reinterpretation.

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Nador is very welcoming and very warm with those who comeand want to know the culture and traditions. In addition to being an excellent base for exploring the neighborhood, Nador leaves in the heart of those who visit a nice feeling because, having always been a melting pot of peoples and cultures, is very attentive to the needs and traditions of all. In a not too distant future you will hear a lot about this beautiful city and that is, to date, one of the most restless of Morocco. Nador has the potential to outperform other Moroccan destinations that to date are in the top list of the preferences of Italians and Europeans. Just as it did for the nearby Melilla, the inhabitants of Nador seize the ball to bring the their cities top of the list.