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New Year’s Eve 2016 in Morocco

If you are looking for the ideal destination for the New Year, Morocco could be a viable solution, out of the ordinary and, for this reason, one of the best.

Spend your brilliant  New Year’s Eve 2016 in Morocco could be a nice experience, to try especially if you are in the mood for something different from the usual chaotic parties with lots of people. Morocco is an exotic destination easily reached by ferry (check here). In addition, its climate is very warm and this could be a extra input to choose the North African destination  for this festivities.

Of course, being a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco does not celebrate Christmas, typical feast of the Catholic Christian tradition: for this reason, it is important to know that you will find the city decorated for the holiday, since there is no feast to be observed . If you are looking for the typical Christmas atmosphere, then, this is not ideal, but if you are open to an experience out of the ordinary then this is the place to visit.

Where to go to have a good New Year’s Eve? Definitely they have to give priority to large cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez or even Essaouira, which are the centres of the country, those in which condenses much of the population and that, therefore, are a destination for tourists from anywhere in the world. Dealing daily with tourists of all nationalities and religion, these cities are also best placed to find everything you want. Surely, then, there will be a party organized on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve 2016 and find the one you like will be a breeze. During this festival, in fact, most of these cities very widely  offers to Western tourists a wide range of parties, dinners and lunches, in order to attract the largest number of tourists arriving in Morocco in conjunction with Christmas and the New Year.


Photo CC-BY-SA di Viatour

All the main squares of Marrakech, but also Casablanca, Fez, are filled with people who are eager to be able to celebrate and have fun. At midnight the bottles are uncorked and it will look like you are  among old friends, albeit in one of the most fascinating nations reminding us the “thousand and one nights” tale.

Furthermore, celebrate New Year’s Eve 2016 in Marrakech means having literally spoiled for choice, as there is so much to try to do everything is impossible.

What I strongly recommend, however, it is to take a ride in the main square, Jemaa el-Fna Square, where you will find tourists but also locals, all attracted by the spectacle of snake charmers and by the lights and kiosks street vendors They will be on site for all night selling anything.New Year’s Eve in this location is unique, because it is so far from our traditions that can give an unforgettable experience.

After visiting the square, deciding what to do is simple: we must be carried away by the course of events. Even for those who love to relax, Marrakech is the ideal place to round off the year. Booking accommodation in one of the riad in the Medina, you can spend your New Year’s wellness and relaxation in the hammam, pool, in the company of close friends or your partner. Hence a New Year’s Eve away from the hustle of the city, in the silence and in the warm waters of the Moroccans spas .

If, instead, you want to opt for a dinner, the many restaurants of Marrakech will be the ideal location for the last night of the year: here you can savour delicious sweeping balconies that overlook the city and offer magic things to see. Marrakech, as well as other locations suggested, are full of establishments and bar, with much more Westernised atmosphere than you might think, ready to entertain tourists and not only in the longest night of the year.

Booking early has, certainly, its advantages and therefore it is advisable to do so.

What are these benefits? Surely you have more choice and also you can find the prices much more affordable than in the last minute. Remind that, excluding the journey, spending New Year’s Eve in Morocco could be a good solution for low cost, since the cost of living is not at all high. Anticipating the time of booking, also, you may also have the luxury housing solutions at significantly reduced prices compared to the normal one, and this despite the fact that the period is usually one of the most expensive. Booking your trip in advance can enable you to get the maximum at the lowest possible cost.