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Must-see attractions in Positano

The first answer that comes to mind when you go to Campania is “what to see in Positano?”. You do not need historical monuments to make a spectacular resort. In fact, Positano offers amazing sea, the many houses, alleys, staircases, gardens, mountains, all contribute to the great beauty of Positano.

It is well known that the Amalfi Coast (Campania Region) is one of the most attractive areas of Italy, and beyond. The greatest artists, writers and other celebrities have visited the coast who enchanted them with its absolutely unique landscapes.

Positano, as well as being one of the most suggestive area of ​​the Amalfi Coast, allows visitors to also embark for Capri (click here), the island famous around the world.

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Coming from the sea, you can see that in the past there was a need to protect the coast from invasion. In fact there are numerous towers: the first is the Tower of Punta Campanella, from which came the signal of the presence of the enemy. This alarm was passing through the other towers (Riverside, Betrayed and Fornillo) to the villagers who took refuge at the top, on the mountain. Today the houses of Positano form a true picture of beautiful colored spots between rock and sea.

The largest beach is the Spiaggia Grande; from here you can follow the trail of Lovers and, passing close to the Saracen towers, arriving to Fornillo beach. Other beaches such as those of Cavone or Remmese be reached from the sea by boat. Always from the sea you can get to many caves, such as Grotta della Porta or Grotta di Fornillo.

Off the coast of Positano there are 3 small islands: Gallo Lungo, La Rotonda, and also Li Briganti (called Castelluccia) .These islands Li Galli calls were, according to legend, the refuge of the Sirens. Nowadays only the Isle of Gallo Lungo is inhabited.

Visiting Positano you can admire the colorful windows of the workshops; you can buy custom-made sandals, dresses made with the typical floral fabrics, fascinating jewelery or even traditional pottery.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta has a tiled dome that shines in the sun; inside you can admire a Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna. Near the church is a medieval crypt coming from the eleventh century.

The stairs are a feature of Positano: you can not move without going up or down the stairs. Starting from the Arenzo beach, climbing 1500 steps you will arrive at the village of Nocelle; It is the best spot to enjoy a fantastic view (it is called the Gods’ View): you see to the Island of Capri and its Faraglioni.

If you love to hike, just follow the path that starts from Montepertuso to reach the Oasis of Vallone Porto, where the landscape changes: here the waterfalls and lush vegetation make you forget for a while the sea and the beach.

Back in town instead for a fun and lively nightlife, with live music and, in the summer, parties are also organized on the beach. Before going to dance, however, it is the case of tasting the traditional dishes, without forgetting to taste the famous limoncello made from the best lemons in the world!