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Refunds for ferry trips: how do they work?

Does any kind of refunds exist for ferry transport? The answer to this type of question would certainly be yes! How could, indeed, be otherwise? There is a very detailed European legislation on the matter, which provides the rules for what is shipping and which, therefore, also addresses the subject of delays, cancellations and assistance provided to passengers. These are focal points, to always keep in mind when travelling.

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The European Community regulation protects travellers and so do the shipping companies which have been found to implement these rules and have made their own. Therefore, one of the first rules for the protection of people travelling by ferry is that the company is obliged to pay the full amount of the ticket or otherwise, to replace the ferry with an alternative means, if there are more than 90 minutes late for the departure.

That provision, however, is waived in the case of acts outside man#s control that can be demonstrated, for example, the adverse weather conditions that could put at risk the safety of the boat and the passengers themselves. All exceptional circumstances, which do not directly depend on the will of the company, are considered acts of God and, in that case, there are no refunds we mentioned.

There are also other reasons for repayments when travelling by ferry. For example, as with other means of locomotion, the passenger can request a refund of 25% of the total cost of the ticket in several cases.

The first case in which you can apply for reimbursement of 25% is to a trip lasting up to four hours to come up with one hour delay. Travelling for 4-8 hours, the delay must be, instead, with 2 hours and for travel of 8-24 for at least 3 hours. In the case of a crossing longer than 24 hours, the condition to obtain reimbursement of 25% is to a delay of at least 6 hours.

And if, instead, the delay is more than double these times? In this case it is also doubled the reimbursement that, therefore, passes from 25% to 50%. To obtain reimbursement, the passenger must make this request and you will see the amount paid in cash.

But there are other cases in which you can request a refund.

First, it should be examined in the case where the passenger is forced to spend the night somewhere else before completing the journey: what happens in this case? The shipping company will be obliged to compensate the cost of accommodation, for no longer than 3 nights, up to a maximum of 80 euro. In the event that a late departure is announced at least 90 minutes with subsequent definitive cancellation of trafficking, passengers have the right to receive assistance on the ground. By this means both meals and drinks – this also applies in the case in which, for the situation described above, they should be to miss any coincidences. All this, however, stops before the force majeure of which has been discussed already above. Usually a delay or cancellation is due to force majeure are extreme acts aimed at protecting the safety of the boat and the passengers and, therefore, are acceptable and non-refundable.

What can you do if you go to miss their holidays for a ferry that will not start?

In this case, you can appeal to the Magistrates’ Court for loss of enjoyment of the holidays. This opportunity is enshrined in the Code of Tourism and, as such, is valid and can be invoked if so desired, and if all the necessary conditions to be able to appeal. The matter is currently governed by Legislative Decree no. 79/2011 which states that the tour operator is obliged execution of the tasks set by the written contract with the client. That provision is found in Article 35 of the aforementioned Code of Tourism and as such should be considered and respected. Justices of the Peace will redeem dispute to that effect, in the light of the fact that it is established that everyone is entitled to a holiday period and, therefore, if that fails through no fault to the individual but to the company with which you travelling, it has a right to ask for a refund.

Please view the Code of Tourism to have a clear idea of ​​the rights and obligations of the parties.