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What to do if you lose your ferry ticket


Photo C-BY-SA by Abesty

Bad things can happen to us especially when we are about to leave our routine and get out on our vacation: one of the things we hope will never happen is when you book a ferry trip and  the ticket for the travelling got lost (click here)!

However, despite taking all precautions and doing all the packing with the greatest possible attention, the idea of ​​losing the ticket is not so remote, because it can always happen something imponderable that makes the tickets like disappearing in the thin air! Here, then, a few tips if you are wondering what could happen and what to do in case you lose your ticket.

The first useful tip is to contact the ferry company, since each of these has its own policy on the subject of loss of ticket and, for this reason, it is essential to see what is expected in particular. The communication of loss or theft of the ticket must be done in a timely manner, in order to place the company in the current of what happened. Just remember that the ticket is the only recognised travel document  in order to get on the ferry and make the crossing and, therefore, losing it is serious matter and the whole problem must be communicated to the company you have chosen for travelling by ferry.

As mentioned, all the companies have their own policies and usually provide solutions for those who have lost the ticket and want to go anyway.

Many companies offer, in fact, the possibility of obtaining a duplicate of the ticket, after declaration of loss of the same. Everything is possible in some cases, payment of a lump sum, you pay for the duplicate. All must be done before the boarding time because, as you know, to board it is essential to produce the ticket for the crew’s screening.

Of course, the duplicate of the ticket that will be produced by the company and released to anyone who proves that he lost his own copy –  the new ticket is in all respects the same as the previous one and, therefore, it has to show the place and date of issue, the place of departure and the place of arrival, the price, the name and the last name of the passenger and the selected accommodation. If you have a chair or a booth will also feature the number assigned.

Just remember that those who embarks without a ticket is required to give notice. In this case, after the communication has been made to the competent authority, the passenger will still remain on the ship but only and exclusively on payment of twice the value of the ticket.

Since not all ferry companies behave in the same way, it can also happen to find one firm that does not agree to issue a duplicate. In this case, the company will propose to the passenger who claims to have lost his ticket for the trip to make a new reservation and arrange for a new ticket payment. The sum is returned if, within a certain time, the tickets are not used.