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Holidays in Motril

One of the most interesting regions of Spain is certainly Andalusia which is also rich in beautiful beaches; in Granada province, for example, there is a city that is able to offer, given its geographical location, sea and mountain. This amazing town is called Motril. It is located on the Andalusian coast, in the part which is called ‘Costa Tropical’. You can mainly arrive here by ferry, because there is no airport; the closest ones are in Granada, Almeria and Malaga, though.

Motril is located a few kilometers from Granada; the Sierra Nevada protects it from the cold winds coming from the north; its climate is therefore particularly mild, with rare rains. It is therefore an ideal place for a vacation even outside the summer period.


The old town is very interesting since, as in many other Spanish cities, the Arabs have left many traces of their ruling, such as the characteristic buildings of the Moorish quarter. You can get there going through the Puerta de Granada, an opening in the walls that in the past was the only way to access the city.

There are many churches, including the Church of La Encarnación which was built in 1502 on the ancient mosque. The Sanctuary of La Virgen de la Cabeza (Head Of Our Lady) is in Baroque style and is dedicated to the Patroness of the city. The Patron Saint of sailors is instead the Madonna del Carmen, Reina Mother of Varadero. Every year, in mid-July, they celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Carmen with a procession during which the statue, decked with numerous and colorful flowers, is brought on a boat.

Very recommended is a visit to the Museo de Historia of Motril, located on Calle Cardenal Belluga, where shows and tells the local history.

To relax a little after visiting the city you can head to the Parque de Los Pueblos de America, where it is very pleasant to walk in the shade of big trees to sit and close to lakes.

Obviously you must go to enjoy the beaches of Motril, one more beautiful than the other: the Carchuna beach, the Poniente, La Joya, Playa Granada and many others. Many are equipped, quite crowded during the summer, such as Poniente beach. Others are quieter as the beach of Playa Granada; in the vicinity of the latter there is also a golf course, Los Moriscos.

Following the west coast you get to the pretty village of Salobrena and visit its castle which is visible from afar; the town of Castell de Ferro, which is also very attractive, is located on the east coast.

If instead of the beach you prefer the mountains, then nothing could be simpler: just half an hour and, passing by flowering shrubs and fruit trees amang cultivation of sugarcane (in this region also makes a great rum), you will arrive to the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, and more specifically to the Sierra de Las Alpujarras. Here the landscape changes but is equally magnificent. This area is rich in springs and thermal waters. Halfway between Motril and Granada are the Terme di Lanjaron, a small town famous for its healing waters, where you can also see the ruins of the Castle.

Continuing north, you reach the beautiful city of Granada, known and famous throughout the world for one of the most beautiful and evocative location that one can admire: The Alhambra.

As it turned out, a holiday in Motril gives the opportunity to relax by the sea or in the mountains, but also to discover many interesting places! So do not hesitate and book now your trip!

Puerto del Rosario: What to see

The Canary Islands are very attractive for tourists and the reasons are very simple: the beauty of the landscape of these islands, their mild climate and their great offer of fun.

Looking at the Canarian archipelago, it is seen that the Island of Fuerteventura is just past the island of Lanzarote which is separated by the Channel Bocayna. The African continent is very close and you can feel also almost the Saharan climate as it closely resembles the Morocco’s temperatures here. Puerto del Rosario is the capital of Fuerteventura and lies on the east coast.

Puerto-del-RosarioPhoto public domain

Puerto del Rosario is not a very big city, but its port is connected very well with the other Canary islands with the Spanish or African coast. Even the internal connections with other towns on the island are well organized. This city is less touristy than the rest of the island but certainly not less attractive; indeed, one can say that for this reason it is more authentic and original.

The attractions that characterizes spectacularly Puerto del Rosario is the Parque Escultoreo: it is made by numerous pretty special statues, all by the artist Juan Bordes, scattered in various parts of the city.

The beautiful white houses, typical of the Canary Islands, they become even more attractive in the port area. In the heart of the city, in Calle Virgen del Rosario, you can visit the Casa-Museo Miguel de Unamuno, where the famous Spanish writer and philosopher stayed during his exile. Opposite the Casa-Museo Miguel de Unamuno is the Church of the Patron Saint of the island, Nuestra Señora del Rosario; the construction of the church dates back to 1828.

Near the port there is the beach town of Playa Chica, a beautiful white sand, much loved by the people, given its proximity to the city center; along the promenade you get to Playa Blanca, a modern beach more than 1 km long, well-equipped with hotels, bars and restaurants. The other beaches are developed mainly to the east of the city.

Fuerteventura for his position is always exposed to the winds. This outstanding feature makes it the preferred destination for all surfers. All Puerto del Rosario area is perfect for sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also courses for beginners. Even fans of diving and underwater fishing will find a wonderful sea where to give vent to their passion.

There are various occasions during the year of celebration, but the party as fun and is certainly one that takes place during the carnival. There are parades of floats with prizes and, above all, the parade at the decorated sea rafts called “Los Achipencos”.

Another feature worth seeing is without any doubt the Ecomuseum de Alcogida. It’s walking distance from Puerto del Rosario, heading inland; is a true “living” museum consists of 7 lodgings where are played all the typical activities of peasants and artisans of the past of Fuerteventura. There are also some workshops for children (for their admission is free).

Another excursion is to do absolutely the Montana de Tindaya, considered a sacred mountain. It is located to the north of Puerte the Rosary and there are still traces of the first inhabitants of Fuerteventura, the people of Majos; all around the mountain there are some rich lagoons of various species of birds.

The city of Rosario Puerte is not only interesting, but it can certainly become a starting point for discovering the beauty of Fuerteventura (click here to book a ferry).

Almeria’s beaches in Andalusia

The beaches of Almeria, a beautiful coastal area located in Andalusia (Spain) look so natural and attract the tourists who loves to be in the wild.

We know that sometimes the most equipped beaches located in other parts of Spain or Europe are overgrown at the expense of the natural beauty of the landscape. The entire area of ​​Almeria, although offering amenities, chose to preserve nature and the enchanting natural landscape which retains a wild note.


Public Domain

Almeria is located in southern Spain, on the cost of Andalusia region. The city is very modern, with the typical features that tell the story of its Arab origins. The harbor, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is very busy and buzzing both from a commercial point of view and tourist one.

The coast of Almeria, between the east and west in the direction of Malaga is spread over more than 200 kilometers.

In the east, heading S.José, you will find one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world: we are talking of the unique PARQUE NATURAL DE CABO DE GATA which is part of the municipality of Nijar. This natural reserve is more precisely a biosphere reserve (as decreed by UNESCO in 1997) and it is protected since then. Today there are over 60 km of pristine beaches here. The landscape is stunning: the mountains of Cabo protect the strips of sand and rocks, and you can look the sea line to the promontory without anything standing in your way. After the promontory the coast offers a mostly rocky feature, until you get to the S.José Bay.

4 km far from S.José, you can find one of the most popular beaches for those who love contact with nature: welcome to the amazing Playa de Mónsul. You can get there by a path that already makes us savour the atmosphere of the place. A walk among cacti and fragrant bushes will bring us to the beach. Here you can lay on volcanic dunes, made of dark sand, overlooking the turquoise water. You got a shallow depht, therefore here is totally suitable for non-swimmers and children; however also diving are pleasant activity due to the extraordinary water clarity. From here you can see the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata; the beach is also a beloved location for nudists.


Photo CC-BY-SA Nikater

In Spain nudism is allowed and therefore present on all the beaches. In some of Almeria’s beaches  you could find quite a number of reserved nudist areas, but it must be said that everyone is welcoming here and nobody will be disturbed by nudist display. We even know some of the structures and villages where nudism is practiced not only at the beach but also in all the activities during the day including also sport. The only limitation involves generally dining at the restaurant.

In the Almeria’s area there are several resort or hotel of this type. The biggest is undoubtedly the VERA PLAYA. It is a village with a 2 km long beach, hotel and supermarket, and obviously sports fields. In short all day long – and perhaps during your entire holiday- you are allowed to forget clothes, except for the restaurant meals moments. The NATURE COAST is also a nudist resort, with swimming pool and sports fields.

Getting back to talk about the Almeria’s beaches, going on south you will get to Playa de los Genovese, separated from the Monsul thanks to the promontory. from this amazing beach, passing by various beaches and cliffs, you get to the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata.

Passed the lighthouse, you will rech CALA ARENA, located 10 km far from S.José. A delightful small beach of golden sand, this is not a very popular choice but its charm precisely comes from being very wild and far away.

If you want to stay right close the town of Almeria, there is the beach of SAN TELMO which generally is never too crowded; viewed from a distance, it looks like a lunar landscape, or, better, a western movie’s backdrop. It is for this very reason that  Almeria area has been often chosen by many directors as a location to shoot western movies (one of them was the famous Sergio Leone who shot here many of the scenes from his “spaghetti western”).

If you head to the west, in the direction of Malaga and exactly 8 km far from Almeria, there is the seaside resort of AGUADULCE.

The campsites are numerous throughout the Almeria coast: there are, for example, The Garrofa, La Caleta, Roquetas, Eco Camping Cabo de Gata, and many others.

Sportsmen can practice their favorite sport both on the beaches and in tourist resorts or even on campsites such as boating, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking or diving. There is plenty of opportunities to give vent to their passion, and this is true not only for water sports, but also for tennis, beach volleyball and soccer.

Then, in the evening, after a full day on the beach in utter relaxation or actively seeking sport activities, you may want to go in the center of Almeria, where restaurants offer many dishes celebrating the best of Spanish cuisine. Then, you can choose according to your taste (perhaps based on your age) between a romantic walk to explore the town or enjoying the nightlife in a proper nightclub!

To reach Almeria by ferry, click here!