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Alcudia’s nightlife

Alcudia is a town and a port located in the Balearic Island of Mallorca, and more accurately, you can get to Alcudia very easily by ferry. The Island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands; Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the autonomous province which is part of Spain; Alcudia is located in the north east of the island, 40km from Palma. Perhaps it is less known than its neighbor, but it is no less interesting.

For many years, tourism in the Balearics has evolved and is no longer concentrated only in the best-known cities such as Palma and Ibiza. It is also true that, especially in the case of Ibiza, the fun in the Balearic Islands has become synonymous with high. But it need not be that way. Alcudia you can undoubtedly entertain in the various clubs or pubs and dance music in clubs or bars until dawn. But fun to Alcudia also means meeting young people from all over the world, discuss the different cultures, and in any case also relax at the beach and enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Alcudia is a perfect location for those over 30 who enjoy places full of entertainment but also relax in a lounge bar with a drink and chatting with friends.
Go it alone in Alcudia vacation is not a problem, it will be easy to make new friends, dancing in nightclubs or in music bars.


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Many of the nightclubs are located in the Port of Alcudia area; near DOLLAR STREET there are several bars where you can listen to live music, sing karaoke and even participate in various social games.
One of the most famous and important clubs is the MINT DISC, with its bars (he has less than 7) and the pool; It is located in Port Alcudia, as well as most of the locals.

The BANANA DISCO COMPLEX is not far behind with its bars and the Banana Club is a nightclub frequented mostly by young people; here are the best international DJs. In the same area there is the DISCO CLUB MAGIC and GOODFELLAS MUSIC BAR with a large selection of cocktails and drinks; continuing towards the North of Port Alcudia area we find the CAFE MILANO is a bar lounge. Even the ENJOY CAFÈ Lounge is a very popular bar for its cocktails. The BELLS DISC is located in the Bellevue area.

For those who want to listen and dance to salsa and latinodance, there are the CLUB SABOR LATINO and 5 globs where, if you want, there is also a dance teacher who can give a few lessons.
You can also listen to live music at SHAMROCK BAR which is in fact an Irish bar, as well as the IRISH TAVERN in the pedestrian area of ​​Port Alcudia.

Totally changing topic, you may decide to plunge into Hawaiian atmosphere of the BORA TAI.

For sports enthusiasts, there are the Linekers SPORTS BAR SPORTS BAR and SANDRA offering to follow the sport preferred sipping a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

Even the hotel in Alcudia they are equipped to accommodate tourists of every age, both young and old: the majority of them in fact offers live music, even to open air, meaning in the garden or terrace. About the hotels we must be said that, given the ever-increasing flow of tourists in Alcudia, which has lately become one of the most requested of the Balearic Islands, you can choose the hotel that best suits your needs and your wallet. In fact, in this sense, the choice is very wide, ranging from small very cheap hotel for the younger kids without great means to luxurious facilities that offer swimming pool and amenities.

In the evening, perhaps before going to dance, it is pleasant to taste the local food in one of the many restaurants in Alcudia. For example, in the Old City, we remember is pedestrian area, there are several restaurants to eat especially the fresh fish caught locally.
Then the fun is not just for the night: after eating, dancing and maybe even rested, why not take a ride in an amusement park such as the Hidropark? Or, if the night was so busy you have no desire to do anything, relax on the beach doing nothing but sleep it is undoubtedly the most pleasant solution: PLATJA OF ALCUDIA is 9 km long well and will not miss a quiet corner to lay down and snoozing.

Then if you still have a little energy and you want to take advantage of the holiday not only to dance but also to find out, perhaps in the company, the most interesting places, you can go a few kilometers to the Pollentia site (you can admire the ancient ruins but also turn to markets); Then, to be able to say that he saw one of the most beautiful places in the Balearic Islands, then you should definitely go to the L’Albufera Nature Reserve.


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The clean air that you breathe in this fantastic place will really help you recharge to face full of energy a new night of fun in music bars and discos!

Balearic and fun: the perfect combination

The Balearic Islands is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea which was declared in recent years as an autonomous community of Spain. The capital of the Balearic Islands is the famous city of Palma de Mallorca, which is also the centre of nightlife and entertainment. In detail, the Balearic Islands are made up of four main islands, which are Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca, all very popular destinations for summer tourism.

When one wonders what is the fun in the Balearic Islands you can answered simply by naming the islands that comprise it. However, it is good to get into specifics, so as to facilitate the choice of one of the four as a preferred destination for your next holiday. The proximity to Valencia and Barcelona, ​​which are located on the coast, makes the Balearic Islands a very accessible destination.  In fact you can reach it using from  both inland locations an internal flight which will arrive directly on site. It is  a low cost landing at the airports of the Balearic islands incredible cities. Or you can book a great trip crossing the sea by ferry. Before leaving, as mentioned, it is preferable to choose which island to stay and for that reason it should be noted that it is very different islands.

Among all the island the fun is certainly to be looked for in Ibiza, while, for example, Formentera is known as the island nature. In short, there is something for every taste, you just choose the right destination to suit your needs.

To find out what tourists reserve the Balearics, both in terms of fun and otherwise, let’s start with Ibiza, the island that makes its nightlife a lifestyle. It is one of the largest of the Balearic islands and is known both for its marvellous beaches and equally for the nightclubs where to spend evenings of fun. Among the beaches on which to relax and enjoy a wonderful day of sun and sea, we point out, for example, Cala Llonga and Cala Bassa, but also Cala Tarida and Talamanca. Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, ideal for water sports enthusiasts and for those who want to enjoy relaxation.


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For those who want to, instead, have fun all night, we can suggest you some clubs. Among the most famous are the absolute Amnesia, Pacha, Eden, Es Paradis and many more: here you can dance and have fun all night. In fact, the fun in the Balearic Islands begins at sunset, when drinking and dancing on the seashore for happy hour, another “local” tradition. Of course, the island is dotted with clubs of all sorts, such as bars, restaurants – a lot of people pour through the streets of towns for drinking, having fun and chatting for the sake of just enjoy and be in company.

Although Formentera, though, which is known mostly for its beautiful beaches, it gives us of the historical sites and hub of nightlife in the Balearic Islands. We’re talking about places like Fonda Pepe, which is located in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques and that is more in the local area, the Pirate Blues, Lucky and the Blue Bar.

Here too, then, albeit less than in Ibiza, there is plenty of choice. As mentioned, in fact, Formentera does not have the vocation purely worldly instead distinguishes Ibiza is known for its natural beaches to relax for most of the time as Ses Illettes, Es Pujol, as well as the coves of El Pirata, the Cala Saona and many more, but the fun “typical” of the Balearic Islands is still disdained!

Mallorca and Menorca are a bit more on the sidelines in what is the cauldron of the nightlife of the islands and, therefore, appear to be the ideal destination for those who prefer the calm, tranquillity and breathtaking beaches.

Mallorca offers, in fact, over 550 km of coastline and is home of the wonderful beaches, such as Cala Mesquida, Sa Coma, Arenal.

Menorca, however, was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and, therefore, its beaches are more pristine. Cala Morell, San Saura, Son Bou are some of the main examples that you can explore.

In any case, however, when you say that Menorca and Majorca are rated tourism centered on the sea, on the beaches and relaxation, it does not mean that here are not entertainment of any kind, because it is not: on both islands, in fact, there are recreations where you can have fun alone or with friends. The only thing that is different than that of the latter is Ibiza, the nightlife is a real must, a kind of religion, which focuses more on what even for tourism, while on all the other islands of the Balearics is principal focus is on another.

For all those who want to leave for the Balearic Islands in search of fun and relaxation, click here for further  infos. We recommend, therefore, to try to understand in advance the ideal island for your needs, so that they can arrange everything at best.

The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, located between the Iberian Peninsula south-east and the south of France and North Africa, although thanks to geographically and bureaucratic convention they belong to the Spanish territory. It is an archipelago whose islands are very different from one another, both historically, culturally and geographically speaking.
The most important islands of the archipelago, and the most famous for tourism, are Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca.
Are you planning to spend your next vacation in the Balearic Islands but have not yet decided when to go, where to stay, what to do and what to see? This mini-guide is what you need to plan an unforgettable holiday in the Balearics. Let’s see everything there is to know about this archipelago.

What is the best time to visit the Balearic Islands?
The summer period (which covers the entire month of June and lasts until the end of August and sometimes even at the beginning of September) is certainly the ideal time to choose for a dream holiday in the Balearics. The temperatures of the summer season are really excellent with averages of 27° C and sunshine virtually guaranteed. But there is a problem to seriously consider before buying your ticket and pack your bags.
As in all tourist areas very fashionable and popular among tourists, summer is also the peak season, so prices have tripled compared to the rest of the year. In summer the most beautiful beaches and also those less beautiful are literally mobbed by the crowd and mostly by foreign tourists. In addition to this all costs a lot more, from transportation to the islands to the hotel rooms, from restaurants to bars on the beach.
The alternative for those who want to save money and enjoy the archipelago at its best?Come in May, September and October: they are equally deserving. The temperatures are still quite high, the sea is clear and the sun is almost always present. The advantage is that the hotels, restaurants, shops and companies present lower fares and prices.
The same is true for the winter months and for the period from December to February. Although tourists are strongly discouraged to visit the Balearic Islands in winter, this is a good time to explore the archipelago in peace, away from the hustle and bustle typical of summer. In winter the sun does not fail and the temperatures are much better than in Italy ( 8°C-15°C. depending on the day).

Balearic Islands: what to do and what to see in the archipelago

We start our trip from Ibiza in the Balearic Islands , always the home of the nightlife and the wild celebrations. The island that never sleeps is the ideal destination for young tourists and partying, ready to dance and rock out until the next morning, and then laze on the beach all day until the next evening. In Ibiza , however, there is also plenty to see at the cultural level , first of all the harbour area (Sa Penya) and the “high city” (D’ Alt Vila). In fact Ibiza, before becoming the nightlife highlights of the Balearics, was an ancient fortress city built in the sixteenth century.


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Even Menorca , the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago, has a lot to offer tourists. Especially worth visiting the archaeological sites on the island, such as the many megaliths and burial caves carved into the cliffs, but also the natural protected areas such as the S’Albufera d’es Grau marshes, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. On the island of Menorca is a beautiful city, the Ciutadella , formerly known as the Median Minurqa (the name comes from the Arab period). The Turks almost completely destroyed it in 1558, but the city was rebuilt and returned to shine in the seventeenth century. The nickname of ‘Vella i Bella’ , which means “old and beautiful” certainly suits her.


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Now we come to Mallorca, the main island of the Balearic archipelago , which is home to the capital Palma. This island thrives on tourism and has made a boast of both its cultural and historical of its nightlif , halfway between Ibiza and Menorca. The cities that deserve to be seen on Mallorca are obviously the capital but also Deia and Alcudia. For lovers of nature and hiking, we recommend a trip to the Coves del Drac, or Dragon Caves towards Porto Cristo. Here you can also admire one of the most underground lakes aesthetes of the globe among stalactites and stalagmites. Always lovers of breathtaking landscapes suggest you leave the most popular tourist destinations and go around the area of the Serra de Tramuntana. Just find the Serra Valldemossa, a village so picturesque that it has inspired artists such as the Fryderyk Chopin and George Sand. A Valldemossa dwell on the mind-boggling landscapes and the numerous Gothic churches springing up here and there like mushrooms.


Photo CC-BY-SA by  Barao78

Like all tourists who have visited the Balearics, of course, you cannot skip the classic tour in Palma de Mallorca, the largest and most populous city of the Balearic archipelago. In Palma de Mallorca you can not miss the Gothic cathedral, La Seu, ​​inside which is also hosted a very special sculpture by Antoni Gaudi, but also the Museum of Sacred Art, the Museu de Mallorca in the heart of the historical center, the Banys Arabs (Arab Baths), the Palau de l’Almudaina and the Castel de Bellver, an imposing castle that dominates the city.

If you want to bring home some souvenirs or some object of local crafts, take a walk in the lovely old town of Palma de Mallorca, with its fascinating ancient lanes alternate to neighbourhood shops, churches and nightclubs. For a night out, head to one of the many “bodegas”, in pubs and cafes of the historic centre or the waterfront .
For the past should be mentioned also the lesser known places in the Balearics: among those not to be missed, for example, there is the rocky island of Cabrera, which is home to the National Park of Cabrera.
The Balearic Islands can be reached both by sea and air. For the details please visit the ferry site http://www.ok-ferry.com/en/balearica-isles-ferries.aspx