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Tunisia, the pearl of the Mediterranean


Photo CC BY-SA by Astiosaurus

The beaches of the wild and picturesque north coast of Tunisia, like Raf Raf and Sidi Ali El Mekki, are bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean until you get around the idyllic island of Djerba. It is safe beaches and suitable for practicing a wide variety of water sports, or simply to enjoy the sun.

When you venture a few miles from the coast, you arrive in the Sahara desert with its amazing landscapes that you can explore on the back of a camel.

Tunisia is full of surprises, delights and gives the most striking contrasts. It offers beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery of the desert and a wealth of historical sites dating back to 3,000 years ago, when the ancient city of Carthage dominated the entire western Mediterranean. The combination of Islamic culture and European approach makes Tunisia a very popular holiday destination of North Africa. With a climate that rarely dips below 20 degrees, it is a real hot spot all year. So always proves to be a perfect destination at any time of the year.

Those who decide to spend a holiday in Tunisia can also pamper yourself up in luxury and wellness thanks to the wide variety of five-star hotels, thanks to the many restaurants of high quality European style in contrast but in pleasant harmony with the picturesque street side stalls that offer traditional Tunisian cuisine.

Tunisia is the perfect destination for all: for lovers of the sea, for those who like to take pictures of unique landscapes, for those who want to play sports (water skiing, cycling etc) for those who love nature and want to get lost in the national parks, for those who love adventure you can travel the Sahara on a camel, or can cross the canyon.

But it is the perfect destination for those who want to relax with a game of golf. Tunisia is in fact a popular destination for world-class golf.

Another good reason to spend a holiday in Tunisia is the food, the most famous dish is couscous is a stew of vegetables, meat or fish in hot tomato sauce.

But there is even nightlife. Those who love the nightlife can venture in Tunis, Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Sousse, and will find lively bars and numerous clubs open all night with a great atmosphere.

And then there’s the shopping. In Tunisia you will come across colorful markets crammed with all sorts of fine textiles, pottery, ceramics and perfumes. In larger cities are modern shopping centers. And yet souvenir shops dotted around the country.

Tunisia are not lacking in festivals. The Tunisian Festival¬† reflect the joy of the inhabitants. Even smallest country is organized at least time of celebration, whether it’s to celebrate the summer harvest, or the fishing season, or a local saint, or the arrival of spring. Visitors are always welcome and are invited to attend dances, competitions or simply to share a cup of tea. Among the most famous festivals in Tunisia include:

The International Festival of Carthage (July-August)

The Festival of the Tunis Medina Festival (September) is traditionally held during the period of Ramadan and offers a mix of Arabic and Western entertainment.
The Festival of the Sahara (December)

Photo CC BY- SA by Mutari

Among the unmissable sights include these.

1. El Jem
The ancient Roman city that now houses several relics of the Roman Empire.

2. The ruins of Carthage
This ancient city was destroyed and then rebuilt by the Romans around 146BC. Most of the ruins ruins today are those of Roman Carthage.

3. Dougga
Another ancient Roman city that has gained the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site for being “the best preserved example of Roman city Africo years in North Africa.”

4. Great Eastern Erg
A large field of sand dunes that stretches for about 600 km from Algeria to Tunisia.

5. Djerba
The largest island of North Africa, known for its pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets. And also for its archaeological sites.

6. Sidi Bou Said
A small town almost postcard with houses with whitewashed walls, windows and doors blue.

7. Sousse
A tourist resort with a beautiful sea and sandy beaches. The Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo CC BY by Fourat

8. Bulla Regia
Previously, an ancient Roman city, now is the most famous archaeological site for underground villas with mosaics

9. Hammamet
One of the most popular destinations in Tunisia, on the beaches and it is perfect for water sports.

10. Bardo Museum in Tunis
This museum houses a collection of many ancient relics that tell the history of Tunisia from the Greek civilization to the modern day

11. Cap Bon
A spectacular peninsula that lies between the Gulf of Tunis and the Gulf of Hammamet. Is also referred to as “the garden of Tunisia”.

How to get there? By ferry! Check this link:  http://www.ok-ferry.com/en/tunisia-ferries.aspx