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Tourism in Vibo Valentia

How many different activities we can do during your holidays if you choose to stay in just one place? If the tourist resort choice is in Vibo Valentia, the answer is easy: you can actually do loads of interesting and fun stuff in this amazing location!

Imagine a city where in a few kilometers you can go to the beach, visit a medieval historic center, go shopping or enjoy nature by following enchanting paths.Is something is missing? Already, we have not said that you can sail to the nearby islands (Stromboli, Aeolian islands) or climb up to the castle to enjoy a fantastic view.

Vibo-ValentiaPhoto CC-BY-SA 3.0 by Manuel zinnà2

The city itself is located at 476 ms / m; Instead its port is located in Vibo Marina, which is about 10 km far from the town.
Until 1928 the town was called Monteleone di Calabria. It took its present name after the discovery of the remains of Hipponion, founded by the Locrians in the seventh sec.aC. The history of the city is quite troubled, you can figure it out by visiting the National Archaeological Museum which is located in the Swabian-Norman castle of 1070. The castle, built on the ancient Magna Greek Acropolis, dominates the city and offers a magnificent panorama. Below the castle lies the medieval town with its beautiful palaces and fortified walls.

The cathedral dedicated to San Leoluca was built in the second half of 1600 on the ancient Byzantine church. It is Baroque in style and has beautiful bronze doors.
Also the Gate Tower of the Count of Apice and Arco Marzano are also worthy to pay a visit to as they both date back to XII century.

If you arrive here by boat or ferry, the home port is in Vibo Marina, a seaside resort just 10 km from Vibo Valentia. Even in Vibo Marina you can see the castle of Bivona, dating back to 1442.

Vibo Marina is popular for its beautiful white sand beaches, like that of Bivona, the Fortino beach or the Baia Safò. Continuing and heading south, in the direction of Tropea, we find many cliffs overlooking the clear blue sea.
If you go from Vibo Marina to the north, then to the town of Pizzo, we meet beautiful sandy beaches that fully justify the name of this stretch of coast called “Costa degli Dei” (The Coast of Gods).

From the port of Vibo Marina you can sail to ferry both Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and the Isle of Stromboli.

Calabria not only has magnificent coasts and beaches; the interior is just as interesting, especially for those seeking an alternative holiday usual relaxing on the beach. The excursions in the Parco delle Serre are popular with nature lovers. There are various courses offered, along romantic paths in the green.

Also in the Parco delle Serre you can visit the natural oasis of Lake Angitola. It is an artificial lake surrounded by swamps and pine groves of Aleppo, eucalyptus and cork tree. The lake and its surrounding wetlands are home to more than a hundred species of birds found here an ecosystem conducive to nesting. Even the lake tortoise appreciates this place, as well as ducks, herons and osprey.

We know that in Calabria you can eat well and of course it is the case also in Vibo Valentia where you can taste all the dishes, with produce coming both from sea and land. But a word of warning if you are not used to spicy flavour: the famous Calabrian chili pepper fires up almost all the dishes!