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Ferry waiting list: how it works?


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The moment you decide to take a ferry trip, the first advice that we feel compelled to give you is this: you have to book in advance your place on the ship or his cabin. It is a very useful tip, especially in the summertime. In this period the ferries are likely to be overbooked in no time.

Try well in advance to book your seat or the arrangement that you think most appropriate for you and your family. it is the right to book far in advance for those traveller who want to leave without problems and especially if you need to move from a place to another, i.e. taking more than one ferry. In addition, an early booking also gives you the chance to grab the best seats and cabins!

Thus the idea it is not a joke: you can also enjoy sometimes a fair discount and take advantage of a good promotions that otherwise there would not be available for late bookings. This is a great incentive to do so. But it can happen, in any case, that we are going to book our travel and there is no seats available. What happens in this case?

You might think about the waiting lists, but this solution is not so spread and often most shipping companies don’t allowed this solution. However, asking can be a good idea as you can be offered the chance to buy on board another place in case somebody dropped the booking and a seat has been released in the meantime.

Travel agents, however, usually suggest to change the date or type of accommodation you choose, so you have the opportunity to buy the ticket in advance and go without problems. For some ferries trips, usually the short-distance ones, one can avail of waiting lists that allow boarding if a customer does not present himself/herself when boarding within the set deadlines. This means that in fact the person has given up the race and you can get on board.

It is worth noting, finally, that in order to take on as many passengers as possible (we mean to the extent permitted by law, of course), some companies allow, in the summer, to book passage on the bridge. Although this is an uncomfortable situation and somewhat extreme, it must be taken into account. Ask always if chairs and booths are available on board.