The beaches of Malta

What is exactly Malta? Perhaps we can say that it is the closest place to Italy, however, with completely different characteristics. Some examples? look at the anguage (Maltese and English) or the way locals drive a car (left side of the road). But both Itay and Malta got the best beaches in the world: if you look out over the wonderful sea, you will see always crystal clear.

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Before describing in detail Malta’s beaches, let’s understand a little better Malta’s culture and geography. In fact Malta is in reality an archipelago, which is located in the Mediterranean and is formed by the island of Malta up to Gozo, including Comino, which is the smallest one of the islands. The archipelago is located a short distance from Sicily, from which it is separated only by the Malta Channel. The capital is La Valletta and you can also reach Malta by ferry. The territory spreads for 316 square kilometers with a predominantly hilly sides; the coasts are high and jagged, with many inlets. From 1814 until 1964, which was the year when Malta gained independence, the isle was a British possession and this explains why English is one of the official language and people drive on the left side of the road!

Now let’s speak about the beaches: a large part of the coast, whether it belongs to Malta, Gozo or Comino, it is formed by rocks with a number of high cliffs. However there are also some beautiful sandy beaches, some very well equipped, that can easily used by families with children or seniors who prefer sandy beaches – of course this kind is easier to reach with not too deep seabed.
For those instead who loves practicing sports such as sailing, surfing or windsurfing the archipelago is a true paradise, thanks to strong winds which support these sports’ practice. The diving enthusiasts will have a lot of fun, thanks to ocean currents that keep the clean sea! You will be able to admire the seabed through the crystal clear waters and find numerous diving centers in Malta and Gozo.

As for the island of Malta, the sandy beaches are located mainly in the north.

Ghadira Bay is located in Mellieha Bay; it is one of the most popular beaches, thanks to its fine golden sand and its quite shallow water, which is greatly appreciated by families with children. There are also several games and water fun for everyone.

In the north-western part of Malta there is another beach, which is also very popular thanks to its beautiful golden sand: welcome to the GOLDEN BAY. But this beach is fairly exposed to winds and strong currents, and thus those who practice sports such as sailing or windsurfing find here their true heaven! The Golden Bay is located in a very nice area and close to the History Park (national natural reserve).

Always in the West, near the Golden Bay, there is also the Ghajn Tuffieha, which is located below a promontory and could be accessed going down for 180 steps! Even if the access is not the easiest one, it is still a beach worthy to visit.

In the most northern part of Malta, just across the island of Gozo, there is the PARADISE BAY; as its name indicates, it is a true paradise with its clear waters, especially for snorkelers. It is a very popular beach also with young people because parties and music are often organised here.

The most spectacular beach is not a real beach, because it is in fact a cliff overlooking what was originally a salt pool: it’s called PETER’S POOL. This incredibly charming yet wild place is located near Marsalaxlokk. To reach the sea you have to go down a staircase created in the rock! There are many flat rocks that were the tanks where the salt dried in the sun – today they are very comfortable to lie down and sunbathe.

On the island of Gozo, however, the most famous beach is the RAMLA BAY, located on the north-eastern coast between two rocky headlands. The features that attract tourists are many: firstly the scenery is really beautiful, thanks to the reddish color of the sand. Then in the middle of the beach there is a statue of the Virgin, in memory of a shipwreck in 1881. Another major attraction is the presence of Xaghra on the promontory, the Calypso cave overlooking the bay of RAMLA. It is said that the island of Gozo is nothing less than the Isle of Ogygia mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey (here Ulysses would have met the nymph Calypso).

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The Comino Island (Kemmuna) lies between  Malta and Gozo. It is very small and has only one hotel, but this is also the reason why it is charming to visit. The beach that attracts tourists and diving enthusiasts is the BLUE LAGOON – it deserves its name because the water here is shaded with an amazing blue (who has seen the movie Blue Lagoon will not  be disappointed!). Further north there is the SANTA MARIA BAY; this beach has fairly deep water and is perhaps why it is quieter than the Blue Lagoon.

Available on many beaches, whether in Malta, Gozo and Comino, there are stalls with food and beverages or otherwise of the nearby restaurants. Armier Bay -which is located in the North of Malta- is renowned for its grilled prepared in the kiosks. Here, however, the sea is quite rough, with high waves, so not suitable for everyone, or at least if you get there…be careful.

All along the coast you can practice many aquatic sports and there are also many places where you can rent pedal boats, kayaks or jet skis.

The beaches are all different in the Maltese archipelago, but one thing is the same everywhere: the sea. It is always clean and full of underwater life you can enjoy. So are you ready to leave for Malta? Well, don’t forget your mask and fins!

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