The beaches of Île-Rousse

Anyone who decides to take a trip to Corsica, cannot visit the area of Île-Rousse, one of the best ever, and one of those where there are the most beautiful beaches of the island. Let’s leave for a virtual journey to explore Corsica island and this particular area, very close to the Italian coast, and  neighbouring with Sardinia. Politically and administratively, Corsica belongs to France, although it is considerable as an Italian region from geographical point of view, given the proximity of which we spoke.

After Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean and this makes it very important although it is certainly best known for its beautiful landscapes and the tourist flow than anything else especially in recent years. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is separated from Sardinia only by the Strait of Bonifacio. To date, Corsica is also called Ile de Beauté, ie the beauty of the island and that briefly explains its magnificence.

ile-roussePhoto CC-BY by Pinpin

The area of ​​Ile-Rousse is located about 85 km from Bastia in the north of the island, and is easily accessible. It is a commune founded in 1700, whose name comes from the colour of granite, which is abundant on the island rock used as a natural harbour.

But the Ile Rousse is famous not only for the granite, but also, and especially, for a beach to say the least charming, located in the heart of the city. Here the atmosphere is wonderful and you can sense the relaxation that you can enjoy  when you get there. It is a quiet beach and is much loved by locals and tourists alike. However, the beach is not the only highlights in the area, although it is undoubtedly the most beautiful one you can find around. On the Ile Rousse there are also Plage de Caruchetu,, where there is also a lovely path that climbs through the eucalyptus trees.

Moreover, when it comes to beaches, you can not not remember the Plage de Bodri, best known for being frequented by nudists in the far north. Davia, Algajola, Ondari Arinella, Sant’Ambrogio and Sainte Restitude are the other beaches that can be found in the area, known for hosting tourists in search of relaxation. Moving in the direction of Bastia, it is, finally, another pearl of this area, which is the Plage de Lozari, one of the most beautiful in all the island.

If you are in the area, besides the magnificent beaches to get lost into, the Promenade a Marinella also offer a fine view: it is a long avenue that runs along the beach to experience one of the most romantic walks around Île-Rousse . Here you can savour the city to all extend and as well perceive its extreme beauty. Even in the narrow streets of the old city it exudes what the Ile Rousse is about and here you will find also the town’ s most important monuments. We advice a stroll to the beautiful monument dating from the nineteenth century that comes alive with stalls during Sunday morning: here there are delicious treats that at the same time are also the real cornerstones of the city. L’Ile Rousse awaits all the visitors who are in Corsica and who want to break the mold of most tourist tracks.

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