The beaches of Umag in Croatia

In Croatia you will find the beaches of UMAG a true natural paradise.

Almost all the beaches of Umag received the blue flag and already and there is no better choice to make when in Croatia: in terms of clarity of the sea and beach cleanliness, Umag has nothing to envy to other European beach resorts.

UmagPhoto CC BY-SA 2.5 MosheA

Before you see the characteristics of each of these beaches you may want to know a little bit more about the city of Umag. In recent years this beautiful Croatian town has increasingly become  a popular destination choice with tourists.

This picturesque town is located in the Region of Istria, on the northwest coast of Croatia. Is only 20 km from Slovenia. Its port is located in a pretty bay on the Adriatic Sea; here ships and ferries are keeping on coming mainly from Italy. Even from the historical point of view the city of Umag is closely tied to Italy. It was the summer residence of noble Romans and, later, for a long time it became a possession of the Republic of Venice. Just take a trip into the old town to admire the Venetian houses. In Umag Italian is widely spoken as a second language, a fact due both to its proximity to Italy and its history, even the most recent one.

The Mediterranean climate is truly amazing especially because in summer the heat is never too muggy.

As for the beaches of Umag, you just choose what you prefer, because the costs are spread over as far as 45 kilometers. The landscape is typically Mediterranean with pine forests, cliffs, long stretches of gravel and sand or small coves among the rocks.

Your choice should be made based on your own needs and characteristics: the tourist villages certainly offer everything you could desire from a holiday: the beach, bars and restaurants, all kinds of sports, and sometimes even swimming pools and water games. The same thing is also true for most of the hotels. Even the many campgrounds can accommodate and entertain all who love this type of holiday. But in general the simple beaches are also equipped with everything that you might need, such as showers, children’s games and the dining options.

Families with children as well as elderly will find many beaches suitable for them, either with good depth or not too deep. Some beach is equipped with a slide and therefore can be practiced by people with disabilities. Some beaches are reserved for naturists, while still others are particularly suitable for young people who practice sports. Without forgetting that in the evening the beaches very often become a great location to enjoy a concert, dancing or watching a great show or sport event!
Near the city center there is the AURORA beach which is cemented; It goes down into the sea; for its proximity to the center it is popular both for the residents of Umag and tourists.

Karpinjan, Carpignano in Italian, is a small but very pretty cove, consisting mostly of pebbles and surrounded by rocks.

SAVUDRIJA: The beach is surrounded by pine forest and is also full of pebbles.

The tourist center of KATORO is located just 2 km from Umag; its beach is largely cemented with small pieces of rock. Here there are games for children, a large slide and various bars and restaurants. Given the close proximity to several tourist villages there is also, mainly for young people, but not only, a lively nightlife.

The SOL POLYNESIA beach is precisely the beach of the tourist estate in the small village of Katoro. It is very convenient for all: you can rent chairs and umbrellas, water in many places is shallow, therefore suitable for children, there is a ramp that allows disabled people to access it, and a part of the hidden beach between pine forest and rocks it is reserved for naturists.

Even the LADIN GAJ beach has a part reserved for naturists. It is 8 km from Umag and is mainly made up of rocks.

It must say that naturism in Croatia has a long tradition and it is certainly not just to swim naked but it is a real philosophy of life, that is, the desire to be in harmony with nature.

The tourist village of KANEGRA is 10 km from the center: offers a gravel beach and all necessary services, as well as various sports activities; even here there is an area for nudists.

The campsites are numerous and very well equipped. The larger one is the CAMPING PARK UMAG; nearby there are also CAMPING FINIDA and STELLA MARIS.

In most of these beaches or resorts or even camping, you can enjoy various sports activities such as, for example, beach volleyball, sailing, diving, mini golf, surfing and even horseback riding. You can rent bikes and quads.

Another option that allows you to see the coast is to take a boat ride. So you can discover the landscape that changes from one point to another of the Croatian coast with the amazing alternation of beaches, reefs, coves and pine forests.

Umag_from_beach_2Photo CC-BY-SA 3.0 Peko

Even a walk in the center of Umag can be relaxing and enjoyable. It ranges from the harbor to the nearby SLOBODE Square, which is the main square of the old town, then goes on in the picturesque streets gathered in the ancient walls. You can admire the Castle, the Cathedral and the Church of Santa Maria.

At the end of the holiday you will only regret having to leave!


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