What to see in Patras – Greece

Do you already know Patras? We know that in Greece (click here to find a ferry) there are beautiful places where to find not only fun and relax but also everything that helps to expand your knowledge; Patras is just part of these interesting places from all points of view.

This city is indeed ideal if the vacation aim is also to absorb all the culture and tradition of the Greek people (of Patras indeed was, back in 2006, an European Capital of Culture).

Get to Patras is very simple, especially from Italy as there are numerous well-connected with the ports of Patras.


Photo CC-BY-SAEusebius

This important city of Northern Peloponnese is located in West Greece, the Ionian Sea, and is the capital of the Achaia region. It is about 2 and a half hours drive from the capital Athens.

One of the characteristics of this area is undoubtedly the long bridge that passes over the Gulf of Corinth, the RION ANTIRION “CHARILAOS TRIKOUPIS”,  also nicknamed the “Poseidon Bridge”. It is a modern bridge, 2883 m long, which combines Patras, and more specifically Rio, in Antino, so connecting the Peloponnese to mainland Greece.

Among the many museums the city boasts we include: the Archaeological Museum, located in Karamandani house, the Ethnographic Historical Museum and the Folk Museum, all extremely interesting.

The Byzantine Castle, on Panachaikos mountain, was built in the sixth century on the ancient acropolis; from here you have a wonderful view on the Islands Kefalonia and Zakynthos. In the Castle, which is accessed by a long flight of steps, they are held various theatrical shows and events, especially in summer.

One of the most important events of Patras is the International Festival; It takes place at the Odeon Romano offering 2300 places.

The other event that attracts large numbers of people in the city is the Carnival of Patras, one of the oldest (over 150 years) and the most important, and not only in Greece, but worldwide, and it is comparable to the Venice Carnival.

Another festival is dedicated to the city’s patron, Saint Andrew, and celebrated on November 30. There are 2 churches dedicated to him: the first was built in 1840, the second one, very large, was built in 1974.

The Church of the Pantocrator is located in the charming old town.

The port area, which is located near the train station, it is not just a passing-by location but also it offers cultural cues – there is infact also an open air theater closeby.

The neo classic Apollon Opera  dates back to 1872.

As for beaches, if you prefer a family friendly one, there is the Lambiri beach, located east of the city. If you want fun, even at night, the Rio’s beachfront, 8 km from the center, is more suitable; Here, as well as places, there is also a small casino.

If you depart instead from Patras, is one of the most popular beaches of Achaia coast, the beach of Kalogria beach also called the Nun; here are also the most reserved spots where to practice naturism. Also in Kalogria, there is to see only walled Mycenaean Acropolis in Western Greece, the Dymaeans Wall.

If you want to explore the surroundings of Patras, it can, for example, up to Kalavryta, a mountain center can be reached by a small cog train.

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